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Do you ever have a paper to write or a project to do and you just don’t know what to say or where to begin? I have been at a loss all week for what I should share with you. It has been hard to know what to say or where to begin since I couldn’t decide on a subject. 

I have plenty of blog post ideas and things that I want to tell you. And I even have a few started. Although I do need to get my thoughts better organized in some of those drafted posts. They are close to being ready. But most of all I want my mom to take photos and videos of me so that I have those to include.

But there has been a glitch in our plans to get those photos and videos done. This is due to us mostly just spending our time at home. And not getting out to do our usual errands and random excursions. 

Contemplating what to write for my blog post!

So after much thought, I decided to tell you about some fun things my mom has been working on this week. Do you remember quite a while back I told you how much my mom enjoys photography? If not, you can go read my Photography fun! post. 

This week my mom has used photos of me to try out some fun effects in Photoshop. She loves learning new things! So she has definitely enjoyed the challenge of learning more about a few of the fun capabilities in Photoshop.

A cartoon-ish image of me with Jiminy Cricket!

An oil painting of me with my toy!

A colorful modern art type image of me!

I have kept my mom company by laying right next to her chair while she was working. I wanted to be close just in case she needed me! And while she works she talks to me. Which I love!

My mom is a member of a Flickr photo group. Quite a while ago they had an assignment to create a double exposure image. This is where there is an image within another image. She created a fun flowery photo of me!

Flowery fun!

A few years ago my mom had an app on her phone where you could put photos on buildings and billboards. I think it would be kind of cool to have my photo displayed on one of these. Don’t you?  

Me with my mom on a city billboard!

Do you know what a billboard is? It is a large sign that is placed along the side of a highway or road in a city. They often display some type of advertisement. 

They don’t have billboards in Maine. Do you have them where you live or have you ever seen them? My mom said some states don’t allow them. Maine is one of those states.

So my mom and I have had a stay-at-home do nothing kind of week. As you can see from what I have shared my mom has been having fun with her photos. And along with this, she has been doing my regular training and practicing my service dog skills.

Our weather has been quite hot and humid. And is predicted to continue into next week. This means that me and my sisters, Kippy and Roo, are spending most of our time inside doing quieter activities.