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I wasn’t up to writing much this week. So this will be a short post but hopefully, one you will enjoy. Getting to see beautiful photos of me is always great  . . .  right?

I was sick for a few days and one morning I even had to spend several hours with my veterinarian. This way he was able to observe me and do some needed testing. My mom was relieved to hear that there wasn’t anything too serious going on.

From reading my posts, you know how much I love my job. So this will not be a surprise. Even while I was not feeling well I still kept trying to help my mom! And she kept trying to get me to rest. But I’m sure you will be happy to know that I am feeling better now and am back to doing my job full time!

In my post Photography fun! I told you how much my mom likes photography. And what an enjoyable hobby it is for her. Do you have a special hobby that gives you great pleasure? My mom says it is good to have hobbies and can be a good way to learn new things.

For a few years, she was in a Flickr photography group where they had bi-weekly assignments. Although it was challenging it was a great learning opportunity. And as a result, she has some awesome photos!

I decided that it might be fun if I shared a few photos from some of those assignments. Especially since they are fun photos of me! The photos that I am sharing here were the results from several assignments that my mom did over time. But they fit nicely together. And have a common theme! 

My beautiful brown eye with a reflection of my mom!

To get these different images my mom had to be creative with where she was positioned. She wanted to capture the correct angle to best show my body part. And she needed the lighting to be just right.

The bottom of my paw!

You can even see the texture of my pads and my beautiful graying fur!

And for my job I had to hold very still. This way I could help my mom get the images in focus and at the perfect angle. If I moved as she took the photo it might end up blurry or slightly off from her intended composition.

A photo of my teeth. I even moved my tongue to the side so it wouldn’t be in the way!

Do you know what I do when I see my mom get her camera? I start wagging my tail and get very excited! I love posing for my mom. And hear her talk softly to me and tell me what a good girl I’m being. 

A close-up photo of my nose!

Here is a fun fact about a dog’s nose. In the same way that the fingerprint of a person is unique to them the same is true for the noseprint of a dog. There are no two alike. Even though the noseprint can be used as a way to identify a dog few places use this as a means for identification.

My silky soft ear!

And can you guess what the best part is? She gives me little treats while she is taking the photos! But I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you!

My thick otter-like tail. Just the way it should be for a Labrador Retriever!

I hope you are doing okay. And are finding fun ways to enjoy your summer. Even though it is more than likely very different than in past summers.