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Have you ever lost a beloved pet? It is hard. Isn’t it? When they are gone we feel so much heartache with the emptiness left behind. Even though we know that one day they will no longer be with us. We are never ready for that loss.

This has been a sad week at our house. We lost my sister, Kippy,. She was a cherished member of our family. And with her loss, there is an emptiness felt in every part of our day.


5-7-07 to 1-18-21

Over the past several months Kippy has had a slow decline in her health. And then late last week she took a turn for the worse. Although this time she didn’t bounce back like she had with previous setbacks. And was gone within a few days.

It was nearly eight years ago when I was partnered with my mom. And became a member of her family. When we came home from Team Training I joined my two dog sisters, Kippy and Onyx, and my cat brother, Sherlock.

Playing with my sisters, Onyx and Kippy!

Even though I was new to the family I was warmly welcomed. They each made me feel like I belonged. In my early post My pesky little sister! I tell you about my family. So if you want a refresher you can check it out. 

At that time, I was about two and a half years old. Onyx was nearly five. And Kippy was nearly six. I was the youngster of the family. And now at ten, I am the oldest. Although I must say I don’t feel all that old.

My mom and dad have been sharing favorite memories from their time with Kippy. And some of the special ways she touched all of our lives. It is comforting to share. Although a bit too soon to truly embrace those memories.

Me and Kippy in our little pool!

Over the years my dad has told me a variety of stories about Kippy. The fun things they did together. And how very special she was to him.  

There are lots of stories I could share with you. Some are my own memories. And some that my mom and dad have shared with me. Roo even told me a few of her memories. Although most of hers I remember, too.

With so many to choose from it was hard to pick just one. But I’ve decided to tell you the one that is a favorite of mine. And my dad’s, too! It is about how Kippy chose my dad for her very own!

My dad with Kippy!

Just over thirteen years ago my mom and dad were looking to add a new member to their family. They decided they would like to get an Australian Shepherd. After finding an available litter they went to check them out.

My dad wanted a blue merle. And his preference was one with brown eyes. Because the Australian Shepherd he had many years ago had brown eyes.

Even though eye color doesn’t affect the dog my dad liked the look of the darker eyes. The blue merles can have brown eyes. Or blue eyes. And even one of each. 

When he saw the puppies they were more interested in playing with each other. Except one who ran right over to my dad. She was cute. But my dad wasn’t sure. She had one brown eye and the other was blue.

There was a boy that my dad really liked. And thought that was going to be his choice. But this little girl kept running to my dad. And wiggling her way right into his heart.

Kippy when she was a puppy!

After much thought, he felt that the little girl with the different colored eyes was choosing him. She was insistent on being close to my dad. And kept climbing into his lap and snuggling close to him. 

How could he not bring her home? She chose him as her very own! Over the years, they have shared a very special bond. And their deep love for each other was strong. Right up to the very end.

Kippy was a great big sister to me. She welcomed me into the family all those years ago. And always included me in her games of chase and keep away when we played in the big yard.  

We loved playing games of chase and keep away!

When we ate breakfast and dinner we were right next to each other. Even though we were busy eating our own food we knew the other was there.

And secretly I would glance over at Kippy. Just in case she would leave a morsel of food to share! So there is an empty place next to me. And I miss having her there.

Because she was so much a part of everything we did we are feeling her loss in profound ways. When we wake up and when we eat. When we go outside. And when we are just relaxing together as a family.

My dad with me and Kippy!

We will adjust to the changes. As we always do when a special member of our family is gone. But there will always be that emptiness with the loss.

Our hearts are heavy with sadness. But full of memories from the many years we were together. She was a special sister and I will miss her greatly.

Run free sweet Kippy…