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Hey friends! How are you doing? And how has your month been? I hope you enjoyed the beautiful fall weather. We had lots of sunshine and beautiful fall colors with the changing of leaves. Although now the leaves have all fallen, and the temps are getting much colder. Winter is on its way!

We celebrated Buffy’s 13th birthday in October! It was the highlight of the month because being thirteen is extra special! Since that is quite old for a dog. 

Because Buffy has some dietary limitations, we didn’t have any special treats for her celebration. But we all did get extras of our regular cookies! And my mom gave Buffy extra loving and lots of attention!

Beautiful Buffy at age thirteen!

Buffy continues to enjoy retirement. She is sleeping more and moves a bit slower, but overall she is doing great. She still loves to roll in the grass when we play in the big yard. 

Other than Buffy’s birthday, the month was fairly quiet. My mom had her regular appointments and procedures. But nothing extra or out of the ordinary.  

My dad and brother, Eric, did go on vacation for a few days. They had fun but I’m sure they missed us! My mom’s friend, Deb, came and stayed with us. And we had fun, too! 

Toward the end of the month, it was my turn for an appointment with my doctor. The veterinarian I have seen since joining my mom has recently changed his schedule. Which means now he is only doing surgeries and not seeing patients. 

They were getting ready to draw my blood!

So I got to meet my new veterinarian. I must say, she was very nice to me and I really liked her. I gave her lots of kisses and kept giving her my paw to hold while she was examining me. But I did miss my regular vet. Although I’m sure I will love my new one just as much once I get to know her better.

In recent months, I have had some GI upsets which have been inconsistent but present, along with some weight loss. So my mom and my doctor decided that it was time to check things out. 

I had some testing done to check the health of my gut and some bloodwork done. I was brave when they drew my blood! There are a couple of other tests we are waiting on for results. But so far, everything is looking perfect!

My sister, Tetra, wearing her Mickey pumpkin costume!

The month ended with Halloween. It is not a holiday we typically celebrate, but my mom occasionally finds fun costumes for us. Ones that she uses to get some fun photos. Last year I wore my “doctor’s costume” to an appointment my mom had on Halloween.

I will be back next month with another update. I hope you are all doing well. And find lots of special moments in each and every day!