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A few days ago we celebrated my mom’s birthday! My dad and I tried to make it an extra special day. My sisters, Kippy and Roo, helped us, too! I think we were successful!

We had originally planned on just having a quiet day together at home. But then my dad and I came up with a way to make it a little more special.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

As you know, the bookstore is my mom’s favorite place to go shopping. Here in Maine, the retail stores were closed for several months due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. They have slowly begun to reopen. 

Even with the reopening of retail stores, we have only ventured out for essential trips. Like going to the grocery store or medical appointments. So as a fun surprise my dad and I decided we should take my mom to the bookstore!

Normally we would go out to lunch before shopping. But we still are not ready to dine inside. So instead, after we went to the bookstore we picked up a To-Go order from Olive Garden to bring home for dinner. 

A few gifts that we got for my mom!

It wasn’t quite the same but it still was a fun and extra special day for my mom! And there was an added bonus. Kippy and Roo got to join in on more of the celebration than usual. Which they thought was great!

Do you have special traditions that you and your family do for birthday celebrations? What we did this year to celebrate my mom’s birthday is not a tradition we want to continue. But it definitely was one that worked during these challenging times!