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It was my birthday a few days ago! Last Tuesday, October 22nd, I celebrated my ninth birthday. For dogs, nine is considered in the senior range. But I don’t feel like a senior. I’m still peppy and ready to go. Although I do have to say that when my mom and I go on longer outings I’m starting to slow down. Just a little bit though! 

My mom has always taken very good care of me which helps to keep me fit and in good shape. As I told you in my post Bath time! I get monthly baths. I also get brushed daily, my nails trimmed and my ears cleaned weekly, and my teeth brushed daily. My mom also makes sure that I get the right amount of food, dog biscuits, and training treats so that I stay at my ideal weight. And I get plenty of exercise every day. All of these things help to keep me healthy.

In this photo of me that my mom took recently, I think I am looking very distinguished with my beautiful gray fur!

My mom posted a happy birthday wish to me on her Facebook page. I thought you might like reading what she wrote. I think she loves me!


 Happy Birthday, Buffy!
Today we are celebrating your ninth birthday. Nine years old already! Where has the time gone? During the six and a half years that we have been together, you have enriched my life and enhanced my independence far beyond measure. You make my days so much easier with everything you do to help me. And so much brighter with the joy you bring me. With your help, I am able to live each and every day to the fullest.
As our journey together continues our relationship strengthens. I am a better person because of the lessons you keep teaching me. You so willingly play my dog training games. And share in my joy of going to dog shows. With Denise, we wrote your book. And you are continuing to educate others through your blog. No matter what I need or want, you look at me with your adoring eyes that tell me you are ready and willing to help in any way you can. You easily make an ordinary day extraordinary! 
Your companionship and unconditional love are immeasurable. You give me the confidence to go places without hesitation because I know we will be included. You provide a bridge to a community of people who oftentimes are uncomfortable around a person with a disability. Instead of looking away they smile . . . because you are by my side! 
You have opened doors to incredible opportunities and have helped make dreams come true. Together we have discovered that anything is possible as long as we believe. You are simply the best and words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for everything you have done and continue to do for me. I am honored to be sharing my life with you. Thank you, Buffy, for being my partner and my very best friend!
I love you, my sweet precious Buffers! 



Here I am with my new birthday toys!

Do you have big birthday celebrations with your friends and family? And special treats like cake and ice cream? My birthday celebrations are quieter and usually just with my family. My mom keeps telling me Happy Birthday throughout the day. And how much she loves me. But now that I think about it . . . my mom tells me every day that she loves me!

I usually get a couple new toys and a few extra biscuits. But my tummy can be very sensitive to changes so I don’t get a cake or any type of special food treat. This year I got a new Red Sox Nylon Baseball Rope toy and a new Go Dog Periwinkle Dragon! And a big stuffed Lamb Chop but my sister took that one. She has a little stuffed Lamb Chop that is a favorite toy so I let her have that big one too. I had a very fun birthday celebration with my family!