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It’s my mom’s birthday! And the first time I get to help her celebrate. A year ago we hadn’t even met. So, for me, it is exciting to be with her for this year’s birthday!

My mom told me that we were going out for lunch. And I would get to meet someone special. Who would it be?

When we got to the restaurant, my mom was so excited. Right there in front of her was her mom! Who she hadn’t seen for nearly two years due to Covid-19.

After they hugged, I got to meet my Grammie! She petted me and told me I was very handsome. I gave her lots of kisses!

A great big lobster at the restaurant entrance!

During lunch, I slept under the table. Well, it looked like I was sleeping. But instead, I was listening to everyone while they talked. Because they kept talking about me!

The time passed quickly. My mom said too quickly! And just like that, we were on our way back home.

A few presents for my mom!

My sisters, Buffy and Roo, and I got my mom some presents. Well, my dad bought them and wrapped them. But he said they were to my mom from all of us!

We all made my mom feel extra special on her birthday. Which she said was lovely. But she told us that we make her feel special every day!

Happy Birthday, Mom!