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A few days ago we celebrated the Fourth of July! Did you do anything special with your family to celebrate? Like most other holidays we had a quiet day at home. Just me and my family!  

The Fourth of July is a fun summer holiday! In some ways, it is similar to Memorial Day that we celebrated a few weeks ago. Remember that I told you about it in my post  A holiday weekend and summer safety!? For both holidays friends and families often gather to relax and enjoy the time that they spend together. 

To celebrate there might be barbecues, outdoor games, and water activities. or events to attend like parades, fairs, and fireworks! Although this year some of these fun gatherings and events may not be happening due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Or maybe celebrated differently. 

Did you have a special family gathering or attend any fun activities this year? Or did your plans have to be changed? We had a barbecue and I played in the yard with my sister, Roo, I also did some training activities with my mom!

The Fourth of July is a celebration for the independence of our country. And is sometimes called Independence Day. It is a national holiday so people often have the day off from work. But as a service dog, I work every day!

Wearing my holiday bandana and holding an American Flag!

For me, on this day, I like to think about the independence I give to my mom with the many tasks I do to help her! With these tasks, my mom can live each day to the fullest. She is always telling me how special I am. And that I make her life so much easier and better! It makes me happy to help my mom!

Since fireworks are often a big celebration event for the Fourth of July I want to share with you some safety precautions for service dogs. Although it does apply to all dogs!

My hearing is more sensitive than yours. I can hear sounds that are much further away! And I hear a vast range of frequencies compared to you. In the lower ranges, we are similar but in the higher ones, I can hear more. 

Did you know that there is also another difference? I can move my ears which helps me locate sounds so that I can hear them better. Each ear moves independently and in a variety of different directions. I have special muscles in my ears that allow me to lift, lower, turn, and twist my ears.   

My ears are lifted up and alert!

My sensitive hearing means that loud noises from things like fireworks can hurt my ears or damage my hearing. So we don’t go watch the firework displays. It would impact my job greatly if I couldn’t hear my mom when she gave me cues. 

I hope you had a fun and safe holiday!