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Hello, friends! This week’s post is going to be short. Partly due to some technical issues my mom is having with her computer. But also because I have been helping my mom settle back in since getting home. Which has kept me very busy! I am hoping and planning to get back on track for next week.

We had another fabulous week of vacation at Disney World. We visited the different parks a few more times, went on some rides, went out to dinner in the evenings, and went on lots of bus rides! I also got to go on my favorite ride, The Seas with Nemo & Friends, one last time. And see the fish in the aquariums!

I love watching the fish!

We left very early in the morning to start our long drive back home. My mom said I am an excellent traveler. I’m just happy to be with my mom no matter what we are doing! We are safely home now. But we are tired. I think we need an at-home vacation to rest up from being away!

Vacations are fun. But there sure is lots of extra work that needs to be done. Both before we leave and when we get back home. Lots of packing and unpacking! But well worth the effort. 

My brother, Eric, left to go home a few days before we did. He had to be back to work sooner than my dad did. We missed him after he left. And he missed us!

In New York at a rest stop!

But something really special and fun happened on our way home. We took an unexpected side trip to see Eric. And we stayed overnight in a hotel near him. It was an extra special treat to see him again before we headed home to Maine!

I love my brother, Eric!

It was great to get home. And see my sisters, Buffy and Roo. They were very happy to see us! In between helping my mom, I have had a chance to run and play in the big yard with my sisters. And take a few naps!