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While out and about, my mom and I encounter many people. Some casually comment on my exceptional behavior or admire my beauty. And some just pass by with a glance toward me while smiling.

But some people are curious and want to know more about me. Sometimes they have a quick question or two. While others engage in a longer conversation.

Some of the repeating inquiries are my name, breed, and age. Most are curious about what types of tasks I do to help my mom. People often want to know if I am always working. 

I like to rearrange the blankets so they are comfy!

When we are out in public, I am expected to have impeccable behavior. I stay focused on my mom and ignore distractions. I am quiet and well-mannered. So this makes people wonder if I ever get to play.

Well, I can assure you that I’m not always on duty or expected to always be working. I get to lounge on the couch. And I get to play. 

When we get home from an appointment or some other type of outing my mom undresses me. She takes my collar, leash, and vest off. But this doesn’t mean my work day is done. Quite the contrary. 

Napping on my dad’s lap!

When we are home, I do many tasks for my mom. But I don’t have to have the same unobtrusive behavior as when I’m in public. I can lay near my mom but I don’t have to be tucked in close by her chair. Or rest on the couch or dog bed.

I can even play with my sister, Roo. Sometimes we wrestle. Or play tug with a toy. I can go out in the big yard with my dad, so he can throw the ball for me, Buffy, and Roo,

Even though I’m not always right beside my mom, I am always nearby. I’m always listening in case she needs my help. And I am ready to work at a moment’s notice. 

Whenever my mom heads to the bathroom or into the kitchen, I follow. Since I know she always needs my help in these places. And I rush to her if I hear something drop to the floor. Even if I’m asleep. Because I know she will need help.

Keeping a watchful eye on my mom!

So when people inquire if I am always on duty and working, the answer is no. I can relax, rest, and play when we are home.

Although if I’m honest, my very favorite thing to be doing is working. And helping my mom. Whether it is doing tasks or practicing known behaviors. I especially love training and learning new things.