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A few days ago I celebrated my third birthday! But this was my first birthday celebration with my mom. This is because I have only been partnered with my mom for a few months, So I wasn’t with her for my previous birthdays.

I celebrated my first birthday with my puppy raiser. Because I was with her for the first eighteen months of my life. 

My first birthday!

And then my second one with my trainer. Since, at that time, I was in professional training. Where I was learning everything I needed to know so I could become a service dog.

So this is my first one with my mom. But I do think the rest of my birthdays will be with her! Or at least I sure do hope so!

I love my mom!

Did you notice that I missed writing a post for you last week? I was very busy helping my mom and just didn’t have enough time. But I have been concerned that you would be missing me. Just like I was missing you!

We were getting ready to go away on vacation. And my mom needed lots of help!  This packing and getting ready to leave sure is a lot of work. And I didn’t have extra time to do any writing. 

The trip consisted of two full days of driving. That is a lot of time for us to be in the van. But I was a great traveler!

We had a day in between to visit with some family. Which was a nice way to break up that long drive. And I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear that everyone loved me!

After our second long day of driving, we arrived where we would be spending our vacation. Can you guess? Yes! That is right. Walt Disney World!

And when we arrived there was an extra special surprise for me. My brother, Eric, was here! The last time I got to spend this many days with him was when I was in Team Training with my mom.

Me and my mom with Eric!

What a fun place for me to be for my birthday! My mom got me a special birthday button to wear. So all day long, whenever someone saw the button they would smile at me and say “Happy Birthday, Clint”!

My birthday button!

Do you know what other day we got to celebrate while here? Mother’s Day! My mom was so happy that we could all be together. My dad, Eric, and I made it an extra special day for my mom!

We are having a great time. And enjoying being together as a family. Next week I will share with you a few of the fun things I am doing while I’m on vacation. And some of the ways I am helping my mom while we are away!