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My mom and I have had a quiet week at home. No appointments and no errands. Unusual for us! Although it has been this way for nearly three weeks.

You must be wondering why, since our weeks are usually much busier. It is because our van requires repairs. And the parts have been on backorder. But I’m happy to report that the parts are in. And our van will be fixed this week.

I have done all of my regular tasks to help my mom and my regular training sessions. I’m even working on learning some new tasks to help my mom! But I’ve also had some extra naps. And lots of playtime with my sister, Roo.

Napping on a lazy day!

Have you ever had an assignment for school that is due soon? And you just can’t come up with ideas for what you should do for the assignment.

That is how this week has gone for me in regards to what I should share with you in my blog post. I have a few posts that are partially written. But nothing felt quite right. Or is quite ready. Which has resulted in a somewhat nonsensical post. And random thoughts.

Along with staying home, we have also had to mostly stay inside. It has either been way too hot and humid. Or lots of rain showers. 

On hot days I play in my pool. And try to get Roo to join me!

Although staying inside has given me and my mom a chance to catch up on some projects. Which has felt good for both of us! Except it made me neglect my blog a bit too much.

This week we have been videoing my tricks. This is so my mom can put them together in videos to submit for my trick dog titles. But, at this point, the videos aren’t ready to share with you. So that post will have to wait until later.

Over the past few days, I’ve been making some coloring pages and puzzles for you. But those aren’t quite ready yet. So that post will have to wait until later, too.

We also submitted a video for an online title. It consisted of specified exercises that we’ve been practicing over the past few months. It was a fun and exciting accomplishment! I’ll be sure to share more with you. But I didn’t get that post finished for this week either.

So, as you can tell by now, I have plenty to share with you. But not this week! And while I’m thinking about future blog posts, I will ask you for some input. Do you have any topics you would like me to tell you about? Or special things you would like to see?