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How did I not know how hard this was going to be? My mom has been away for nearly a week. And I sure am missing her!

As she was packing and getting ready to go away I helped her. But like previous times when I’ve helped with the packing, I wasn’t seeing any of my things getting packed. It was making me sad. Was my mom going to be okay without me?

While we were talking about retirement my mom was also telling me that she would be away for a little while when she went to get her new service dog. But this wasn’t what I was thinking about or focusing on. Instead, I was thinking about what retirement would be like.  

So even though I knew she would be away it didn’t feel real at that time. It sure does feel real now. And I’m not liking it much.

Sometimes I’m laying on my mom’s bed just waiting for her to come home. But a lot of the time I’m playing with my sister, Roo. So that has been a good distraction. 

Every night my dad and I talk with my mom. And my brother, Eric. My mom and Eric are enjoying the time they are getting to spend together. It has been nice for them and my mom is grateful for his help.

My mom has told me a little bit about her new partner. She thinks I will enjoy having a new friend. And says that once I get used to not having to do everything to help her I will realize how comfortable my life of retirement will be. We will see about that…

There is one exciting thing that I have to look forward to doing when my mom gets home. Remember how my mom and I take those online training classes at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy? She told me that we will be doing a Rally class together.

Our friend, Denise, offered my mom the opportunity to take the class at the Gold level. This means when we are working my mom will take videos of us. And then submit them to get feedback from the instructor.

My mom is very excited about this because she wants to try and submit videos to AKC for their virtual Rally titling program. I already have my Rally Novice title so we will be trying for our Rally Intermediate title. 

With being able to get help from the instructor my mom will be able to get some pointers on just how to maneuver her wheelchair for some of the signs. This will set us both up for success!

So I’m starting to think retirement might not be quite so bad. Especially with still being able to do special things with my mom. 

But at the moment I’m still missing her a lots Me, my dad, and my sisters, Kippy and Roo, will be happy when my mom is back here with all of us. We are not too sure about this new dog yet but I trust my mom so I know we will all be okay. And happy together!