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Do you ever have assignments where you get stuck and just can’t come up with ideas? Or you have some ideas but your thoughts just don’t come together in a meaningful way? It sure is hard when this happens! Especially when there are time restraints for getting the assignment completed.

I have ideas and things that I want to share with you but for now, they are just in my thoughts and not flowing together in a meaningful way. Although I do know that in time they will come together. Even though that isn’t happening at the moment.

So after much thought, I decided that I would like to share some more photos with you. Fun photos of me that you might enjoy!

As I’ve told you before, my mom was in a Flickr photography group. One where they had new assignments every two weeks. Some assignments had a specific theme to capture. While others had a specific photo technique to practice. 

One of the assignments had a specific theme for each day of the week. Each theme was to be captured in a photo on the corresponding days. The photos did not need to be dog-related but my mom chose to have me in each photo. Which I’m sure doesn’t surprise you!

My mom enjoyed the challenge of this assignment. And, like always, I enjoyed being with my mom and posing for the photos! Since this was an assignment that had a variety of different images I thought it would be a good grouping of photos to share.

  • Macro Monday 


                                             A close-up of my beautiful eye!                                                                                                       

  • Texture Tuesday 

The texture of my pad and fur on my paw!

  • Window Wednesday 

Gazing out through a window at the hospital!

  • Stairs Thursday 

Sitting on the landing of some stairs in our town!

  • Fence Friday 

Sitting by a fence at a favorite place where we go for walks!

  • Smile on Saturday 

A selfie of me and my smiling mom!

  • Sliders Sunday 

A pretty background behind my beautiful head!

As summer is nearing the end I hope you are looking forward to the start of your upcoming school year. And seeing your teachers and friends!

Although this school year will bring new challenges I hope you embrace the changes. Good luck with adjusting to whatever new changes are ahead of you! I have confidence that you will do awesome!