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I have made some more word puzzles for you. Along with a jigsaw puzzle. And a couple of coloring pages, too. Which I hope you will enjoy!

After a busy holiday week, it seemed like a good idea to create some puzzles. And give you something to do, that could be relaxing and fun! Although you may already be back to doing homework from school.

Do you have a favorite type of puzzle? My mom enjoys doing the Word Search puzzles most of all. But she also likes some of the other word puzzles, too. Especially the ones where you unscramble the letters to form words.

There are many different types of puzzles. Some that you do with paper and pencil. Or even on the computer. Like crossword puzzles or word search. And even some number puzzles.

Another type is jigsaw puzzles, where you put pieces together to form a design or picture. And even puzzles that you manipulate with your hands to solve, like puzzle boxes or cubes.

The way the jigsaw puzzle will look when printed.

I made you a jigsaw puzzle. It is a picture of me! Click HERE to download it. Once you have it printed, you can cut along the lines to form the puzzle pieces. And then put me together!

My mom enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles. But they take up a lot of table space, so she doesn’t do them very often. And my dad enjoys the puzzle boxes. Especially if they are unique and very challenging!

Did you know that they make puzzle toys for dogs? My mom has looked at a few but hasn’t gotten me any yet. I think they sound fun and challenging. Maybe that will be a Christmas present for me!

Crossword puzzles are my grammie’s favorite! Every morning she does the daily crossword puzzle in the newspaper. Although some days she finds them quite difficult. So for those ones, she sometimes needs to peek at the answers! 

I made a crossword puzzle for you! Click HERE to download the puzzle. The second page has the answers. But no peeking unless you get stuck and need a little extra help.

The way the crossword puzzle will look when printed.

And I made a word search puzzle since that is my mom’s favorite! Click HERE to download the puzzle. Again, the answers are on the second page. Just in case you need some help.

The way the word search puzzle looks when printed.

In between doing your puzzles, you can take a break from thinking. And do some coloring! 

Click HERE to download the coloring page of me and my sister, Roo. Below is the photo so you can see our colors. And what the coloring page will look like when printed.


And click HERE to download the coloring page of me in my Santa hat. Again, below is the photo and what the page will look like when printed.


I hope you are enjoying the activity pages and coloring pages that I’ve been creating for you. I have a couple of others already made. But didn’t include them today. Since it felt like there might be too many for one post. But I will do another post another time with those. And add a few more!