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Hey friends! How are you doing? My mom told me that many schools are not going to reopen this year. And distance learning will continue for the remainder of the school year.

Have you adjusted to the changes in regards to distance learning? I think it sounds similar to the online dog training classes my mom takes. And the training she and I do at home. 

I hope you are doing okay with the way everything has changed over the past couple of months. My mom and I have been staying at home much more than usual. And mostly only going out for the appointments with her doctors. 

It must be hard for you to not be with your friends at school or having playdates at home. None of my friends have been able to come to play nor have any of my mom’s friends come over to visit. 

I do have my sisters, Kippy and Roo, to play with. And my mom talks with her friends on the phone. But we are missing our in-person visits. I hope you are finding ways to stay connected with your friends.

Playing frisbee with my sister, Roo!

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on creating some new puzzles for you. I thought you might enjoy a fun diversion from your schoolwork. Do you know what diversion means? It is an activity that gives you a chance to do something other than a more serious task, like your schoolwork. 

I have made a multiple-choice puzzle, a word scramble puzzle, and a maze where you can help me get to my mom! And you know what? There are still a few more puzzles that I’m working on. I will finish them up and do another post in a few weeks with more puzzles for you!

For the multiple-choice puzzle circle each correct answer. Most of them are from things I have told you about in some of my previous posts.

You can get the PDF of the multiple-choice puzzle HERE. For printing, you need to download the file. To do this click on the ↓ that is near the top on the upper right side. Once saved you can print it. The formatting is not correct if you try to print before downloading it.

The above image is what the “multiple-choice” activity page will look like when you print it. When you download and print the PDF there will be a second page that has the answers just in case you need a little help. But no peeking at the answers until you finish the puzzle!

For the word scramble puzzle, you need to unscramble the letters to make words. In these words, you will see numbers below some of the letters. After you have completed the words take the numbered letters and put them on the corresponding lines at the bottom of the page. This will form some new words.

Click HERE to get the PDF for the word scramble puzzle. Again, when you click on the link remember to download the page before printing so that it is formatted correctly.

The above image is what the “word scramble” puzzle will look like when you print it.   Again there will be a second page with the answers. No peeking at that second page unless you need a little bit of help!

I also made a maze for you. Here you need to help me get to my mom by finding the path through the maze. And you can even color me and my mom if you want to!

The PDF for the maze is HERE. And you guessed correctly! Remember to download it before printing.

Above is what the “maze” will look like when printed. Just like the previous two puzzles, there will be a second page when printing the PDF. This page will show you the path to follow. So no peeking at the answer before trying to do the maze!

A few weeks back in my “Puzzle fun!” post you can find some of the previous puzzles that I made for you. In that post, there are also links to my other posts that have some puzzles and coloring pages. Go take a look if you missed it when it was originally posted. Or, if it would be easier, you can see all of my posts that have activity pages by clicking HERE.

My mom and I are trying to keep busy during our stay at home days. And are doing okay with the changes in our routine. Although we do miss doing our normal kind of errands, going out to lunch, and getting together with friends. But we are grateful to be safe and healthy.