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Hey friends! These sure are topsy turvy times, aren’t they? I hope you are doing okay during your stay-at-home days. Are you looking forward to when we can start returning to a bit of normalcy? I sure am!  My mom reminds me to be patient but that sure is hard to do sometimes!

In some of my previous posts, I have told you about the many ways that my mom cares for me and does things to make sure I stay healthy. She brushes my coat every day and has my dad give me a monthly bath. She also brushes my teeth daily. And does my weekly ear and nail care.

Well, did you know there is something else that I have done to make sure I stay healthy? I see my veterinarian once a year for my annual exam. Do you have a pediatrician or doctor that you see for check-ups? I think it is important for us to take good care of ourselves and do preventative care so that we are in tip-top shape! 

A photo from last year of me waiting with my mom for my doctor. to come in to see me!

This year, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the visit with my veterinarian was done differently. At first, I wasn’t sure how it would go. But with my easy-going personality and ability to easily adapt it went perfectly!  

Usually, when we visit my doctor my mom goes right in with me. But this year she and my dad had to wait outside in the van while my little sister, Roo, and I went in with one of the vet techs. 

A photo of baby Roo from last year’s vet visit.

Roo was also due for her annual exam. Which made it nice because we could go in together. She was a little unsure but I told her to be brave. And I’m happy to say that she was very brave . . .  just like me!

During my annual exam, my doctor feels all over my body to make sure there aren’t any lumps or bumps that my mom has missed. He listens to my lungs and my heart. And looks in my ears, eyes, and mouth.

He runs his fingers across my ribs, too, which tickles!  This is a good way to check if weight wise I’m at a good point. I need to stay at my ideal weight so that there isn’t extra strain on my joints. Or other negative effects on my health.

Dogs need to get vaccinations to prevent diseases so I am on a regular schedule to get these. Some are done annually and some every two or three years. This means that every year I get a shot or two. My mom tells me to be brave and hold very still. And I always do because I love to hear my doctor say that I’m a very good patient!

I also get a blood test every year to make sure I don’t have heartworms. They are a type of worm that infests the heart and can cause severe problems. Infected mosquitoes transmit heartworms. I take a special medicine once a month as a preventative for heartworms but I still have to have my blood tested annually to make sure none of those worms got past the medication.

In recent years I’ve started to have some blood work done while I’m getting my annual exam to make sure everything looks okay. This is called a senior blood panel and checks to make sure that my kidneys and liver and other organs are still working as they should.

As our bodies age, they can start wearing out a little bit and sometimes need some extra support from supplements or medications. Fortunately, I’m still doing great!   

Sometimes I get to go see my doctor in between my annual exams. For the most part, I have been very healthy but there have been a few times where I’ve needed a quick check for a minor problem. With all of the daily care that I get from my mom, she is quick to catch anything that is even slightly out of the norm for me.

I love going to see my veterinarian. He has become a very good friend to me! The receptionists, vet techs, and especially my doctor treat me well. They tell me how beautiful I am and they think my behavior is exceptional. They wish that many of the other patients they see were as well behaved as me!