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I have some really awesome news to share. My book has been published and is waiting to be read by you! My mom and I found out last week that it was nearly ready and then just like that . . . it is all done!  Quite magical if you ask me! 

My mom and I, and our friend Denise started talking about writing my story a few years ago. There were a few “bumps in the road” along the way but it finally came together and became a reality. It was a lot of work but also very enjoyable! I thought it was great fun to look back at my puppyhood, my time with my puppy raisers, and the special training I received so I would be ready to fulfill my destiny of becoming a service dog. I also loved looking back to when my mom and I were first partnered together.

Have you ever started a project that initially didn’t go quite as planned and took longer than you expected? My mom tells me that even when things don’t go quite like we think they should we can find ways to readjust and keep pushing on to the end. That is just what my mom, Denise, and I did and look at the awesome results! I have a book and a real-life blog so that I can share my story with all of you!  

My mom sometimes tells me bedtime stories. I love snuggling with her and hearing her soft gentle voice talking to me. Do you like listening to stories as much as I do? One story that she often told me is about her wanting to write a children’s book about service dogs. It is something she had dreamed about doing for a very long time.  I’m here to tell you that dreams can come true!  

Helping others learn about service dogs brings my mom great joy! She loves telling about the many ways a service dog can help a person with a disability live more independently. She tells me that when others understand more about disabilities it can help them feel more comfortable when they do see a person who has a disability. Sometimes people are unsure when they don’t know what to say or do so it makes her happy when she can share her experiences and answer questions. 

One thing she used to do with her previous service dog was visiting local schools. She would talk with children about her disability and the ways a service dog helped her with daily tasks. I love kids and helping them learn new things so I hope we can visit some classrooms, too! I’m sure they would love seeing some of the awesome things I can do to help my mom!  

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my friend, Brito. In that post, I share a bit about how he got me going with writing a blog and a book.  If you haven’t read that post yet and want to know a little more of my backstory for the book you can check out My friend, Brito!. You can also find a link there to get his book if you want to read his story.

I am so grateful that Brito gave me the idea of writing a book!

If you would like to read my book and learn more about my journey of becoming a service dog and being partnered with my mom you can buy it from either The Dog Athlete or from Amazon.

The cover of my book!

           I love to step up on the footplates of my mom’s chair and gaze into her eyes!