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I got some mail this week! A big envelope that contained a certificate, a medal, and a ribbon! My very first awards and title! Hopefully the first of many!

My medal!

If you were following the blog before I became partnered with my mom, then you know that she and Buffy did quite a few competitions. And earned a variety of titles together.

My mom has a long history of competing with her dogs in a variety of different sports. Long before she became a full-time power wheelchair user. So it was only natural that she wanted to continue.

From reading many of Buffy’s posts I’m sure you remember that not much slows our mom down! And that includes finding ways to continue doing the dog sports she so enjoys.

Sometimes she has to be creative with the way she can accomplish the required elements. But she is determined to perform them with a few special accommodations as possible. And setting the goal to be none!

So, if you remember, my mom and Buffy competed in Rally and Obedience. And also completed some Trick Dog titles. All of which she plans to do with me!

But other than learning a whole bunch of tricks. And working on some foundation skills for the rally and obedience. We have not done any competitions yet. 

Except for one! A new venue. And a different type of title. But a fun one for us to start with for our first!

My certificate!

While we were on vacation my mom happened to see a post on Facebook that talked about an upcoming event. One that we could participate in virtually. And be awarded a title.

The organization is Do More With Your Dog. The event was the 2K-9 Ruff Run. And the title I got is 2K-9. Which is a Fitness Specialty Title.

The requirements were for me and my mom to run or speed-walk 2 kilometers. That is 1.24 miles! And show proof to a certified Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach. Then submit the info to DMWYD.

Since my mom can’t run or even walk, she had to participate with her wheelchair. And I trotted along beside her. But that is what we do all of the time. So this was easy for me!

My mom has an app for her wheelchair that tracks the daily mileage, monitors the status of the battery, and shows the seating positions. It also can connect virtually to the tech support if my mom is having any issues with her chair. 

My 2K-9 distance submission!

My mom was able to take a screenshot of the distance we traveled. We only needed one day. But the app shows the distances for a few days. Which met the requirements for our 2K-9 Ruff Run. 

My mom and I decided to show our distance traveled during a few days of our vacation. So the daily distances were a bit longer than when we are at home. But even on our quieter days, we go at least a mile or two. 

This usually keeps our daily average right around two miles. Although some days we go much further. And with busier weeks we may go three, four, or more miles a day!

All of this walking is good for me. And helps keep me in good shape so I can easily perform my tasks. Which takes strength and control for me to maneuver in the required ways for each task.  

Along with my daily walking, I also run and play with my sisters, Buffy and Roo, in our big yard. And do some conditioning exercises with my mom.

Do More With Your Dog is a new organization for my mom. She has been aware of it for quite some time. But she and Buffy never got any of the trick dog titles they offer. Nor did they participate in any of their events.

Wearing my medal!

I told my mom that I thought this was a nice starting point for me to get my first title. Especially since it was different than any titles she had gotten with Buffy. 

I am working hard to learn my foundation skills. And I am looking forward to when we can start competing. I am hoping I can help my mom fulfill her dream of competing in obedience.

But in the meantime, we will work on some other titles. Like Tricks, Rally, and TEAM. And maybe some specialty titles. Like the 2K-9 one we just completed.