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My mom came home! I knew she would. But it sure did feel like she was gone for a very long time. Talking to her every night on the phone was okay. But surely not the same as having her right here with me. When she came through the door I wiggled my whole body and wagged my tail as fast as it would wag! I was so happy to see her! 

As you know my mom has been away to get her new service dog. I kept wondering what this new dog would be like and how I was going to feel. What would the color be? And would it be a girl like me or a boy? And most of all would I like this new dog?

Well, those questions have been answered. And I’m happy to say that I have a new yellow brother! I was going to say a new “little” brother but he is bigger than me! So I guess I need to call him my “younger” brother!

His name is Clint lll. That means he is the third Clint that Canine Companions for Independence has had over the years. Which is just like me because I am the third Buffy! Isn’t that a fun fact? 

Clint and my mom!

It has felt a little, well maybe a lot, different to see someone else helping my mom. But I am beginning to think that being retired might not be quite so bad. My mom is getting the help she needs. And I’m lounging and having fun!

My mom has let me do a few things to help. But mostly Clint has been doing the work. Although, we did have our mom laughing last night. Clint had tugged open the drawer. After my mom got what she needed she said “push” which means to close it. We were both standing next to her and at the same time, we both pushed!

We have had some fun, too! Running and playing together in our big fenced yard. And I have to tell you that Clint runs very fast. Even faster than Roo! Which I didn’t think would ever happen!  

We even slept on the couch together!

So our first few days together have gone well. Which is a relief to my mom. And I can even say that I like my new brother! I think we will get into a good routine of Clint doing most of the work to help my mom. And I will relax and enjoy my leisure days!


My puppy raiser, Lauren, made this video as a way to introduce Clint to everyone!