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I am learning some new words from my mom and want to share a few with you! Do you like learning new words like I do? Learning is a wonderful thing to do, especially when done together with a parent, teacher, or friend.

Sometimes I learn words that are connected to a task or trick that I will eventually know how to perform. Other words have meanings that are connected to something I want to know more about but I don’t necessarily have to perform anything. 

The training type words I learn are fun because I get to practice activities with my mom. Those other types of words allow me to expand my general knowledge and vocabulary which is fun, too, but in a different way. 

Let’s learn some new words together!


My mom told me that sometimes people have to sign important papers or documents. When you sign your name in this way it is a signature. An example is when my mom has to sign her name on papers when she goes to the hospital for a medical procedure. She says when doing this she is signing with her signature.


When a person is famous in some way, like a movie star, author, or sports player, people often want them to sign their names on something special. Sometimes they have them do this on a program from their show or in the book they wrote. Or even on something meaningful, they bring with them like a hat or a shirt. When someone signs their name in this way it is an autograph. 


I thought a signature and an autograph sounded fancy. I wanted something special I could use if someone ever wanted me to sign something for them. Having a blog and a book seems kind of special to me so just maybe someone would ask me!

I have paws and not hands with fingers like you do so I can’t hold a pen or a pencil. Instead, I have to put my paw onto an ink pad. Once my paw is covered with ink I step onto a piece of paper. This makes my pawprint which seems kind of like an autograph or signature. I said to my mom, “I think we should call it my ‘paw’tograph!

My mom has to help me with the ink pad and it can get kind of messy. She said we wouldn’t be able to do this every time someone wants my pawtograph. I’m not sure I understand why because it didn’t seem all that messy to me and it was even quite fun! 

I was a little disappointed. How would my fans get my pawtograph if they asked me? Then my mom and I had an idea that would be unique and not messy. We decided to make special cards to give out. They have my pawprint and name on them like you see in the photo below.   

My mom wrote my name in a fancy way and together we put my pawprint just below my name.  I feel so special and maybe a little bit famous to have my very own pawtograph to give out . . . just in case anyone ever asks me!  

Then I thought of another problem we had to solve. What if my fans who don’t live nearby wanted my pawtograph? I was kind of sad to think they might miss out. As you are probably discovering from some of my previous posts my mom is quite resourceful. If there is a problem she finds a solution! 

My mom made a PDF that you can download and print. How cool is that? You can print out your very own copy of my pawtograph!

To get my pawtograph click HERE. You will have to download the file to be able to print my pawtograph. To do this click on the ↓ that is near the top on the upper right side. After it is saved you can print it. The formatting is not correct if you try to print it before downloading it.

My mom also told me that she has been working on some coloring pages that feature me and a variety of different types of puzzles. I have so many fun things planned to share with you! Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss my future posts. And remember to tell your friends about me and my mom!