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I thought that it might be a good idea to let you know about the tugs I use to open doors and how they differ. I have various tugs that accommodate all of the different situations my mom and I encounter. In some ways the tugs are similar but each has its own unique purpose. 

In a few of my previous posts, I have told you some of the ways I can open doors. And the different drawers that I tug open for my mom. There are also other types of doors that I have to open when we go places. The handles for all of these vary greatly. There isn’t one attachment or type of tug that will work for all of them. 

For the end part that I hold onto my mom experimented with a variety of different rope type attachments. She tried soft rope, fleece, webbing, and paracord. And you know what? She paid attention and listened to what I found the most comfortable to use for each situation!

I have the soft rope tugs on the fridge door, cupboard doors, and drawers in the kitchen. You have seen them in my A new refrigerator and learning new ways! post. And also in my Kitchen tasks! post. My mom made these by tying a special knot on the end for me to grab a hold of and a sliding loop that adjusts and attaches to the knobs or handles. 

These are the narrower and thicker tug ropes I use.

For the cupboard doors, she used narrower rope and made smaller ones  Since the doors are light and easy to open I don’t need the larger tug ropes. For the heavier drawers and the fridge doors, she used a thicker rope. And made larger tugs because that was what worked best for me.

When we are out and about we encounter both the big regular type doors that go inside/outside of a building. And the doors that go into rooms within the building. For both of these types of doors, my mom uses a special hook that goes onto the lever handle. On this hook there is a tug attached. But this is different than my kitchen rope tugs. 

The hook and terry cloth tug that I use for the bigger doors.

My mom made a braided terry cloth tug to go on the hook that is soft and easy for me to grab and hold. She tried the rope tug, a fleece tug, and a web strap with a knot. But the soft terry cloth was my favorite! Some of these doors are very heavy so I need to have a good grip on that tug. I need to pull really hard to get some of them open.

Then there are bathroom stalls. When my mom goes in the stall the door is too far away for her to get it closed and locked. Many of these types of doors are metal. My mom has a magnetic hook with a carabiner that has a piece of cord attached. On the end is a mini tennis ball. As she is entering the stall she attaches the magnetic hook to the door. Once we are inside I grab the ball and pull the door closed so she can lock it. 

The magnetic hook with the ball for bathroom stalls.

Occasionally we encounter stall doors that are not metal. For these doors, my mom has a suction cup hook with a rope tug attached. We use this the same way as the magnetic one it just attaches to the door differently. 

There is another type of attachment that my mom carries with her. This one is just in case we encounter a lever handle that the hook doesn’t fit. It is a nylon sleeve with velcro that slips over the handle and has a ring for attaching the tug rope. This one is harder for my mom to get attached so we have only used it a couple times.

There was even one time where none of the attachments would work on the lever handle! My mom had an appointment with a new doctor and as we left the exam room the doctor wanted to see me open the door. I was excited and ready to show her my skills!

My mom got out my door tug and when she tried to attach the hook it didn’t fit. And the nylon sleeve didn’t fit either. Her doctor took photos of the lever handle so we could look to find something that might work. My mom and I experimented with a few different things. We finally came up with a special way to attach one of the tug ropes like I use in the kitchen. The next time my mom saw her doctor she brought the extra tug rope and it worked perfectly! 

My mom discovered a special way to attach my tug rope to a lever handle.

On the handle of my mom’s wheelchair, she has a small backpack. This is to carry my different tugs and their corresponding attachments. That way we are ready for any door that we encounter!  

I have an upcoming post planned for showing you how I help with the bathroom stalls. And also how I help my mom open those big heavy doors. So keep following along on my blog so you don’t miss any posts!