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Hello, friends! How are you doing? Changing to monthly updates with the blog has been easier for me. But I sure do miss you! I think of you throughout the month. And am always wondering how you are doing. 

My mom and I had a busy August. It was a month filled with extra appointments,  tests, and procedures. Although we did get to go out to lunch a few times. And you know how much we enjoy that, especially when shared with friends and family! 

My mom is grateful to have me with her when she goes to appointments and has tests or procedures done. Not only do I help her with needed tasks, but I also keep her company while she waits.  I’m also a good ambassador for service dogs. Which often starts conversations with people around us. 

Resting between my mom’s X-rays!

One of the tests required her to be moved back and forth from her chair to an X-ray table… a whole bunch of times! I watched closely with each transfer to make sure they were being careful with my mom. And rested quietly next to her chair while we waited between each x-ray. It went well. Although it was a long and tiring day. When it was over, we sure were happy to go home! 

My mom has continued her training with Tetra.  Teaching her more tricks and advancing her foundation skills. I always supervise to make sure my mom is doing everything correctly. And when needed, I show Tetra how things should be done. Because sometimes it is easier for her to understand something if I show her.

Tetra earned her AKC Trick Dog Advanced title!

Tetra earned her AKC Trick Dog Advanced title. My mom and Tetra are also working on some Fit Dog titles. Those involve lots of walking and exercising, which is way more than I want to be doing! Since I get plenty of exercise and walking while doing my regular service dog work.

I’m proud of my pesky little sister and all she has accomplished since joining our family. Like me, she loves her training sessions and learning new things! Tetra and I love playing together. And chasing each other in the big yard! 

Since I don’t have much more to share for updates in August, I will give you a glimpse into September. But only one of the things happening! Because there are a few upcoming events that I’ll wait to share until next month’s post.  Some exciting celebrations happen in September!

September is National Service Dog Month, so I thought it would be good to let you celebrate the event as it is happening. 

My button-to-wear, SD etiquette cards, and stickers!

Canine Companions, where I was trained and later matched with my mom, sent all their active grads a packet. There are some stickers and a few service dog etiquette cards that I can give out to people in the community. I also got a button for my vest that says, “I’m a Pro.” Which I am! 

On their website is a resource page dedicated to National Service Dog Month. There is info about the different types of service dogs, etiquette for interacting with a person and their service dog, and some stories about a few service dogs.

There is also a section that tells about the “Journey from Puppy to Service Dog.” Below is an infographic showing that journey. But if you click on it from the webpage, you can see it better. Seeing this infographic reminds me of my journey from a wee pup to becoming my mom’s service dog. And also the book, “Blogger Dog Buffy: Service Dog!” that my sister, Buffy, wrote.

“From Puppy to Service Dog” infographic!

Toward the bottom of the page, there are some fun activities. There are a  couple of quizzes. And some puzzles you can download. I’m sure it won’t surprise you that my mom and I got 100% on both of the quizzes! 

So, along with celebrating National Service Dog Month, my mom and I have some other celebrations during September. I will tell you all about them in my next monthly update. Until then, enjoy the end of summer and the start of fall.