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Do you get days off from school? Or from doing your chores? It is nice to have relaxing days with less structure. And the chance to do some fun things with friends and family.

I don’t get any days off. Because my mom’s disability never takes a day off. But this doesn’t mean I work non-stop. And never get breaks. Although I would be happy to work non-stop!

Always nearby my mom!

Some days are harder for my mom than others. On those days, she needs extra help with more things than usual. So I get to do a lot of work. Which I love! 

Even when I’m not working I always need to be ready and willing to do my job. Since I don’t know when my mom may need help. But when I’m not actively working I can take breaks.

Playing with my sister, Roo!

So what do I do for my breaks? I bet you can guess! I play with my sister, Roo. And occasionally take naps. I also enjoy just laying near my mom while she reads or does work on her computer. 

But my favorite things to do, when I’m not doing tasks for my mom, are performing fun tricks and doing some of my sport dog training. I love working with my mom on my foundation skills. And learning new obedience exercises.

So you are probably wondering how doing tricks or training can be fun and relaxing for me. Especially since they seem like they could be viewed as work. 

The tricks would be similar to you playing games with your friends. You are actively doing something engaging, but not working.

Instead, it is just something enjoyable that you are doing with your friends. Like me and my mom having fun with tricks! 

Practicing a “sit” on my platform!

And the training my mom and I do is like you practicing a favorite hobby. Like playing a musical instrument or a sport. It is relaxing and something that is done for enjoyment.

Although I do need to be honest with you. And share what makes me the happiest. It is doing tasks for my mom. And finding ways to make her days easier. 

I especially enjoy learning new tasks because the more I can do the more independence I will give my mom. Which makes me happy!

I love my job. Which to me, doesn’t feel like a job at all. But I do know it is important for me to rest and take breaks. Even though I never want to!

I’m not unique with the love I have for working. But my work ethic is stronger than it is for some. As an example, Buffy loved helping my mom but was just as content with relaxing on the couch. She often had to be called to do a task. 

I bring toys to my mom… in case she wants to play!

Me, not so much! I follow my mom everywhere… just in case she needs my help! And I’m always looking for ways I might be able to assist her.

My mom often has to tell me to lay down and rest. Because, if it was up to me, I would be on the go all of the time. Which would make my mom tired if she had to keep up with me! And she wouldn’t be able to get any of her work done.

My favorite place to lay is right in front of her chair!

So we compromise! We have pre-planned times for doing tricks or training exercises. And in between those times I play on my own or with Roo. And rest. Sometimes! 

My mom and I make a good team. She likes to stay busy and seldom rests. Just like me! And we both love training and learning new things. Her favorite pastime is studying things about dogs, especially dog training. And thinking about new things she can teach me!

At the end of the day, I.m tired. And ready to sleep!

All of my days are filled with doing a variety of tasks for my mom. Lots and lots of tasks! But I never feel like I do too many. More often than not, I feel like I don’t get to do enough!