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A few months ago I told you about the job I have that helps my mom in ways that are different than the regular tasks I do for her. Do you remember what I shared? That is right . . . it is being her nurse! You can check out my post Nurse Buffy! if you missed seeing it before. I was able to do that job again a few days ago! 

There are two hospitals nearby that my mom uses. Her neurologist is at one and her pulmonologist is at the other so she has appointments, tests, and procedures at both hospitals.

Usually, my mom only schedules one appointment in a day. And oftentimes she even tries to schedule things so that they don’t happen two days in a row. This is because it can be exhausting for my mom to be gone for most of the day. Or on consecutive days.

But for the availability and best times for scheduling some appointments my mom occasionally has to make exceptions. This week was one of those times.

Not only did she have two appointments on the same day. But she had to go to both hospitals because her infusion was at one. And her procedure was at the other.

We started our day out by using public transportation to get to my mom’s first appointment. If you need a refresher on what this involves for us go check out my Paratransit post. 

We haven’t had to use this service very much over the past few months because my dad has been able to drive us to many of my mom’s appointments. But we did get to use Paratransit this week. It was great to be able to see one of our drivers again!

The first appointment was at the infusion center so my mom could get an IV medication that she gets every five weeks. She has been receiving these infusions for nearly a year. And I’m happy to say that I have gone to every one of those appointments!

Sleeping while my mom was getting her infusion!

Over the past year, the hospital has been working on getting a new infusion center built. And this was our very first time going to the new place since they had just moved in a couple of days before!

It was beautiful and nice and comfortable. And the nurses were all happy to be in their new place. They are in the adjustment phase of learning where everything is and getting used to a new routine! Which often happens when moving to a new place. Not only are the nurses needing an adjustment period. But I am, too!

The automatic door buttons were higher than most that we encounter. And were also a bit harder to push. So I am going to have to figure out the best way for me to reach them. And just how hard I have to push. But I am sure I will quickly learn these new ways!

After my mom was done her infusion my dad picked us up. We were able to go home for a very short time which was nice. It gave me a chance to stretch my legs and get a drink. But we were quickly back in the van and on our way for my mom’s procedure.

This is where I got to provide my nursing duties! We checked in and they took my mom to her room. For this procedure, my mom had to be taken out of her chair and put in a bed. 

But it wasn’t really a bed but more like a stretcher. Which is a lot narrower! Even though it is narrow I can fit right on there with my mom. Although it really doesn’t give us much room. But that is okay. At least for me!

I’m so happy to be with my mom!

We got all settled on the stretcher and waited until they were ready for my mom. Her doctor and the anesthesiologist came in and talked with her. And some of the nurses and techs, too. I think they all just wanted to come to see me!

They were finally ready for my mom. I saw them coming and was sure they were going to tell me I had to get off and stay behind in the room on my mat. But you know what? They let me stay on the stretcher and go with my mom!

They rolled the stretcher into the procedure room. I was so happy to be going with her just in case she needed me! But mostly I just rested and let all those doctors, nurses, and techs be the ones to take care of her! 

During my mom’s procedure!

Everything went as planned and we were soon all finished. And ready to go home! It was a long day for both me and my mom,. And we were tired. But grateful that we had each other!