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My post this week is going to be about a special way that I have been helping my mom. But first I want to share a little bit about the recent events that have been happening since they impacted my ability to fully do my job.

My mom has been keeping me informed about all of the recent events. There surely have been a lot of disruptions and changes. Like so many, we have been busy shopping and preparing for an extended stay at home.

Have your classes been canceled and your schools postponed for varying amounts of time? From what my mom says most everything is being canceled or postponed. And she even said some things are being reinvented into a safer way to take place like changing to online classes and online events. 

Now to my planned post for this week…

Earlier this week I got to do a part of my job that I, fortunately, don’t have to do often. I have been taking care of my mom in a different way than doing my tasks. I have been staying close to her and offering comfort. And she lovingly is calling me Nurse Buffy! 

A few days ago my mom had to have some surgery. It was just a day procedure so we went in early that morning and got to come home in the evening. This made us both happy! There is nothing better than sleeping in our own bed.

On the day of my mom’s surgery, we had to get up very early. My dad took us to the hospital and had planned to stay for a little while. But with the restrictive changes at the hospital due to COVID-19, my mom could only have one person go in with us.

Whenever my mom has to have surgery she always has a friend come with us to stay with me. When my dad dropped us off at the hospital my mom’s friend Denise met us there.  We went up to the day surgery area and checked in. 

We were very quickly taken to my mom’s room so we would be in a clean enclosed area. Denise helped my mom get in bed and get her changed into the hospital gown. I was on my blanket and watching very closely to make sure she was being gentle with my mom. And I’m happy to say that she was! 

As soon as my mom was settled on the bed I was ready to get up there with her but it wasn’t quite time yet. The nurse had to start her IV and get everything ready. I was patiently waiting on my blanket but it was hard to be patient today. I just wanted to be close to my mom! 

Here I am eagerly waiting for when I could get on the bed with my mom!

It was finally time! I jumped right up on the bed and snuggled in as close as possible. Those beds aren’t very big but for me, I thought we had plenty of room! We won’t ask my mom if she agrees! 

While I snuggled with my mom she and Denise chatted. And we waited. My mom’s doctor came in and talked about his plans. And the anesthesiologist and an OR nurse also came in to see my mom. They each asked her some questions and had her sign papers. 

I was starting to sense that something was going to happen soon. And I was right. All of a sudden a few people came in together and said it was time. I knew what this meant because I’ve been with my mom in these situations before. 

My mom said goodbye and told me to be a good girl. I didn’t want to get off of the bed. Denise had to coax me off. If I had my way I would stay right with her. But they don’t allow dogs to be in the operating room. Much to my dismay!

I was sure I should be staying with my mom!

This is where things became very different and not what I was used to or expecting. I usually wait at the hospital until my mom is finished with her surgery. That way I can get back on the bed with her as soon as she returns from the recovery room. But with these new restrictions, they said that Denise and I must leave the hospital.

How could I leave my mom behind? It is hard sometimes to be brave and do something that is different than what you expect, isn’t it? Leaving my mom felt wrong. I was sure that I should be staying.  But my mom reassured me that we both would be okay.

I glanced back at my mom and then went with Denise. She brought me back home and I waited with my dad and my sisters, Roo and Kippy. I tried to rest but all I could think about was my mom. Was she okay? And when would she be home?   

Finally, after my dad fed us supper he told us that he was going to get my mom and he would be back soon. Now I was really getting excited to know that my mom would soon be home! 

And then it happened. All of a sudden I heard the van pull in the driveway! Was my mom coming? And then the door opened . . . and there she was! I was wiggling and wagging my tail. I was so excited.  All I wanted to do was jump up in her lap! But I didn’t. Instead, I was being very careful to not bump her. 

We went to bed after unpacking and settling in. It was a long uncomfortable night for my mom, But I snuggled in close and gave her lots of comforting care. She gently talked to me and told me how happy she was to be in her own bed with me. And I can easily say that I was very content and equally as happy!