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This week I did my job in a different way than usual. I provided lots of extra comfort to my mom. And helped take care of her as she recovered from surgery. She lovingly called me Nurse Clinty!

Do you ever have changes in your regular routine? And do things that don’t often occur? That was what happened with us this week.

Earlier in the week, we got up very early. And went for my mom to have a test. It was still dark outside when we left the house! We seldom ever get up that early! 

And then it happened again later in the week. I was beginning to wonder if this was the start of a new routine. And we were going to be getting up this early all of the time!

For my mom’s test at the beginning of the week, we went to a place I had never been before. And there was a strange elevator that we had to navigate. 

It wasn’t the usual type of elevator. But instead, small and narrow. And a bit noisy and shakey. It was so narrow that I had to go in front of my mom’s chair, turn and face her, and back into the elevator.

And then when we went into the room for my mom’s test there was a huge air exchange machine. It was loud and noisy! And it was crowded in the room so I had to maneuver in a very small space.

My mom was pleased with how well I handled these early morning challenges. She said I did awesomely and was very brave! But I told her I was just doing my job! 

For our second early morning, my dad dropped me and my mom off at the hospital. This part wasn’t too much out of the ordinary, since he sometimes drops us off when he has to get back home to work. 

But this time she had her bedside vent with us. And we waited for my mom’s friend, Denise, to meet us. This was out of the norm. So I was beginning to wonder what we were doing. 

I hadn’t met Denise before so when she got there we visited for a minute. She told me how handsome I was. She loved all of the kisses I gave her!

We headed down the hall to the elevator. And went upstairs. Again a new area for me. But this one looked more normal. So I did just fine.

When my mom checked in with the receptionist I put my paws up on the counter to say hello. And even gave her a little kiss. I made the lady smile!

After a few minutes, we went back to a room. My mom put my blanket on the floor and I laid down. But was watching very closely. 

Denise got my mom into bed, helped her change out of her clothes, and got her settled. And then, much to my surprise, my mom called me up onto the bed!

I was so happy to get on the bed with my mom!

There wasn’t much room but I snuggled in close to my mom. Our bed at home is much bigger and comfier! 

I thought snuggling in bed with my mom in this room was quite strange. But I was content to be close. So I just settled in and was ready for a nap. We had been awake for a long time!

As I was resting people started coming in to see my mom. I guess my nap would have to wait. I had all of these people to meet! 

The nurses and doctors were asking my mom questions and getting everything ready. My mom told them to let her know if I was in the way and needed to get off from the bed. 

But they all said I could stay right there. They even let me stay on the bed with her while they started the IV. I’m sure they all just wanted to be close to me!

Everyone kept popping back in the room. They kept saying they were checking on my mom. But if you ask me, I think they just wanted to see me and get kisses! I did give kisses to many people that day! 

My mom and Denise were chatting. And I was resting. An unusual kind of morning. But I wasn’t really thinking much about the circumstances. I was just content being with my mom. 

And then things started to change. A few people came into the room. They seemed focused on my mom and not so much on me. What were they going to do? 

My mom started telling me to be a good boy for Denise. That she would take me home to my dad. And she would see me later. 

Wait! What? See me later? What was happening? I didn’t like this part. We were supposed to just be snuggling. I wasn’t supposed to be leaving.

I walked with Denise while the nurses pushed my mom’s bed. As we were going down the hall my mom said she loved me. And off she went one way while Denise and I went the other.

I was happy to see my dad. And my sisters, Buffy and Roo. But I wasn’t interested in playing. I only wanted my mom. Was she okay? What were they doing to her? Why couldn’t I have stayed?

I laid on my bed and thought about my mom!

And then my dad asked me if I was ready to go for a ride. To get my mom! Well, of course, I was ready!

We pulled up to the hospital. And as the van door opened I saw my mom. She was coming right toward me. I started wiggling! And wagging! And was so very happy!

My mom has been quite sore from the surgery. So has mostly just rested. And I have stayed nearby in case she needs me. 

Even though she hasn’t felt top-notch she has still done a few training sessions with me. She knows how much I love to work. She wanted me to have a little something to do. And I think she has enjoyed having a little something to do, too!

Roo and I practicing our “sit up” together!

I’ve been learning some new tricks! When I do them it makes my mom smile! I’ll have to tell you about them in an upcoming post. I think they will make you smile, too! Because, as you know, I am very cute!