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One of the questions my mom often gets asked when we are out in public is “does she ever get to play?” Well, I’m here to tell you the answer to that question is “yes!”

It is summertime and here in Maine that usually means lots of sunshine and warm weather! Our summers can sometimes be fairly short compared to other parts of the country, so my mom and I try to enjoy the sunny days as often as we can. Although when it is too hot we do have to stay inside so that we don’t get overheated.  

The days that are very hot, especially if there is humidity too, really bother my mom. On these days she has to be careful but that is okay with me because I don’t like it when it gets too hot either. What is your weather like where you live? This year our winter was very cold and snowy. Our spring continued to be cold with more rain than usual. Now that summer is officially here we are hoping that there will be lots of sunshiny days ahead of us to enjoy!

In the summer I get to run and play in our big fenced yard more often than in the winter when the days are colder and snowy. I really like being out in the yard, especially when I have my friends come over to play. My mom arranges playdates with some of my service dog friends. We have fun chasing each other and playing with a ball or other toys.

Do you have playdates with your friends more often in the summertime than during the school year? My friends come throughout the year to visit but when the weather is warmer it seems better. My mom and her friend can sit outside while my friend and I play in the yard. It is a win-win for everyone! My mom gets to chat and enjoy the company of her friend and I get to run and play.

Even when my friends aren’t here to play with me, I still like to go outside and play by myself. I like to run around in big circles and then fall down to the ground. I then roll onto my back and kick my legs up in the air. My mom says I look silly and very cute when I’m rolling. It always makes her smile! I tell her that it feels good to roll on the grass and stretch my legs!

Sometimes my mom will come into the yard and throw the ball for me to chase. But she can’t throw it very far because her arms don’t work as good as they should. She mostly just spends time watching me play. I always tell my mom that it is the effort that counts. Even though she throws the ball short distances it is still fun for me to get it and bring it back to her. Just being together and having her there with me makes me happy!

My dad can throw the ball really far so sometimes he will throw it for me and my sisters to chase. I haven’t had a chance to tell you yet that I have an older and younger sister. I will be sure to tell you all about them in a future post.  

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Have a fun summer vacation!  


I love to roll and play in the grass!


Here I am with my friend, Aslan. We went to Service Dog school together. We got partnered with our moms in the same class. He and his mom live a long ways away so I don’t get to see him very often. They have come by a few times for a visit when they are passing through the area. They have a special vacation spot where they go that is north of us.  Our moms always enjoy visiting and catching up.  This photo is from when we were much younger. We are both a little bit grayer on our chins now but still just as beautiful… and happy to play!