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My mom and I have made a couple of puzzles for you this week. And another coloring page, too! I thought you might enjoy having some extra activities to do. Ones not from your teacher that are given as required homework. But instead, ones that are just for fun!

There is a crossword puzzle with clues all about me!. I added a Word List at the bottom in case you need some extra help. But if you want to make it a little more challenging you can cover those words. And no peeking unless you get stuck!

You can get the PDF of the crossword puzzle HERE. For printing, you need to download the file. To do this click on the ↓ that is near the top on the upper right side. Once saved you can print it. The formatting is not correct if you try to print before downloading it.

The above image is what the “Crossword Puzzle” page will look like when printed. When you download and print the PDF there will be a second page that has the answers. But no peeking at the answers until you finish the puzzle!

The other puzzle my mom and I made is a word search! This has words about me scattered through a bunch of letters. Isn’t it fun to look through all of those letters? And exciting when you find the words amongst them? It is like a treasure hunt for words! 

This is the Word Search puzzle. Again, when you click on the link remember to download the page before printing so that it is formatted correctly.

The above image is what the “Word Search” page will look like when you print it. When you download and print the PDF there will be a second page, just like there was with the crossword puzzle, that has the answers. Again, no peeking at the answers until you finish the puzzle!

Do you have a favorite kind of puzzle? My mom really enjoys doing the word search puzzles! But not so much for crossword puzzles. She also likes mazes and dot-to-dot puzzles. And jigsaw puzzles! 

Did you know that sometimes I have to figure out puzzles? Not puzzles like the word puzzles that I made for you. But instead, puzzles of a different type! My mom thinks it is fun to find creative ways to solve all sorts of puzzles. And I can easily say that I agree!

When helping my mom I need to figure out the best position for where I need to be so I can easily do my job. Things like where to position my body when opening a big heavy door. Or how to reach an item that slips under the edge of a chair or behind another object. And sometimes even the best way to lay under a table when we are in a restaurant.  As you know, it is important for me to be out of everybody’s way!

Since I only have two puzzles for you this week I wanted to give you something else to do along with them. My mom and I have made another picture of me that you can color. In this one, I am sitting in front of a stone wall. This picture is similar to the one that I made before where I was laying down. But in this one, I am looking right at you! Click HERE to get the PDF for the coloring page.


The above photo is the one used to create the coloring page. And the image of how it will look when printed.

You can see my other coloring pages in my post – Color me! – and print those pages out if you missed them before. Or print them again! It is always fun to have extra coloring pages to share! 

Do you also remember that I made a fill in the blank puzzle quite a while back? It was in my post – Training plans and homework! – so go take a look. You can print that one, too, in case you missed it when it was originally posted.

My mom and I have a couple other puzzles that we are working on. A fun maze and a word scramble. But we just didn’t get them finished and ready in time to include them here. I will do another post soon with more puzzles! 

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