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Sometimes we just have quiet days at home! Days where we rest and relax together. Usually, we are on the go almost every day doing errands or going to appointments or maybe even meeting friends for lunch. But every once in awhile we are grateful for a quiet do-nothing kind of day! 

When we do stay at home I still do all of my regular jobs to help my mom. But some of our stay at home days tend to be because my mom is not feeling her best. So these days I don’t need to do quite as many tasks to help. She leans her chair back using the tilt and recline features. And rests more than usual. Remember in my post Going places! how I told you about all of those fancy features on her chair? Well, she can get quite comfy when utilizing them.

My mom enjoys reading so while resting she often is reading a book. Usually a dog training book but she also enjoys books about photography and real-life stories about people or dogs. And sometimes she listens to podcasts. Or the talking books like I told you about in my post A favorite weekend outing!. What are some of the things you enjoy doing on a quiet stay at home day? I play with my sister, Roo, or lay quietly near my mom in case she needs me. I also love it when my mom tells me stories!

As I am getting a little bit older I am enjoying these stay at home days more than I used to. It sometimes feels good to just hang out. But because I love to work with my mom, I am still very eager to help her. Sometimes we have a day where we don’t do any extra training. Instead, I just do my regular jobs to help my mom. But most days we do a little bit of training or practicing my service dog tasks. She says that it is important that I keep up on my skills.

Let me tell you a little secret about my mom. She doesn’t like to go places if it is raining! This is because when she gets wet from the rain it takes a long time for her clothes to dry. Which makes her feel cold and uncomfortable. So, unless we have to go out for an appointment or some other scheduled event we stay home on rainy days!  

The past few days have been quiet days at home with mostly just doing my regular tasks to help my mom. But we did do some obedience and rally practice because we have another show coming up soon!

I’m resting with my toy just in case my mom or Roo wants to play with me!