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This week I thought you might enjoy learning some “service dog and other fun facts” about me. Although you probably know most of these things already. Because I’ve touched on them in one way or another in previous posts.  

I was thinking about many of these things last week while reflecting on the past two years of partnership with my mom. We sure have done a lot of things together. And have accomplished some amazing things during these past two years. 

Opening doors!

Service dog facts

  • I do about twenty different tasks for my mom. A few of these I use in various contexts, so if each was counted as an individual task, I probably do upwards of forty.
  • I know more than fifty different cues for my service dog work. These let me know which task my mom wants me to do. Or in what way I should perform a specific task.
  • As a service dog, I can go everywhere that my mom goes. Some of my most frequented places are the hospital, doctor’s offices, restaurants, grocery stores, and the bookstore.
  • To keep my service dog skills sharp, my mom and I do some training every day. We work on my often-used skills and those I don’t use quite as often.
  • My presence makes my mom more approachable when we are out in public. Because I am much cuter than my mom’s wheelchair!

Canine Companions Clint Assisting Me TKE, TEAM 1

Extracurricular activities

  • The first performance title I earned was the Fenzi TEAM 1 title. My mom and I are working toward the next level and hope to submit our video soon. 
  • I have earned five AKC Trick Dog titles! These are Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Performer, and Elite Performer. 
  • I learned and performed fifty different tricks to get my trick dog titles.
  • I have a part-time job as a therapy dog. My mom and I do monthly visits to our local hospital for doctors, nurses, and staff.
  • My mom and I do fun training games every day. We work on obedience and rally foundation skills. I love training with my mom and learning new things.
  • Later this month I will be attending my first in-person competition. My mom and I are entered in a local Rally trial. I am excited but my mom is a little nervous!

Bath time!


  • My mom brushes my teeth and washes my face every morning.
  • I get brushed every day. Since my fur seems to always be shedding!
  • Twice a week, my mom uses the Dremel on my nails. A Dremel is a nail grinder that keeps my nails short and smooth. My mom wants to be sure I don’t scratch the walls when I push the automatic door or elevator buttons.
  • I get a bath once a month. My dad bathes me because it is one of the few things my mom can’t do for me.
  • My mom washes my collar and vest at least once a month. 

Handsome boy!

Personal info 

  • My birthday is May 7, 2018.
  • I weigh 58 pounds.
  • I am a Lab Golden cross. 
  • My mom was a Lab Golden cross, and my dad was a full Lab. I am 81% Lab and 19% Golden.
  • For 18 months, I lived with my puppy raiser.
  • Before becoming my mom’s partner, I had six months of professional training.

Let’s play ball!

Favorite things

  • My mom is my very favorite person!
  • I love my job! Being a service dog for my mom makes me extremely happy.
  • More than anything else, I would rather be working or doing some type of training.
  • I love educating people about service dogs. And telling them the many ways I help my mom.
  • I have a favorite ball I bring to my mom so she can throw it for me. Although I would rather be working than playing.


  • Loud noises, especially ones I can’t locate, are a little bit scary for me. But I try to be brave!
  • I don’t like being away from my mom.

I love my job. My days are filled with doing what I was destined for. From the time I was a wee puppy, I was being prepared to be a service dog. But I never imagined how fulfilling it would end up being. Maybe it is made extra special because I am partnered with my mom!