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Have you ever been to an eye doctor? Or had some type of eye exam done at school or your pediatrician’s office? My mom and dad have their eyes checked annually. This means that it happens once a year. 

Like my mom and dad, I have my eyes examined annually, too! And I see an eye specialist just like they do! This is to make sure my eyes are healthy. And to monitor for the start of cataracts or other eye diseases. Especially as I get older. Since I am a working dog my eyes need to be healthy. 

Do you know what an eye specialist is called? That’s right! An ophthalmologist. They specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the eye. And there are ophthalmologists for both people and dogs!

Every year, in May, the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists or ACVO offers a complimentary free eye exam to service dogs and other types of working dogs. Except for this year, I have gone annually for this eye exam. 

Me and my mom at the eye exam event last year!

Like so many other things, this year’s event was canceled due to COVID-19. My mom is hoping we can go again next year. She finds it reassuring to know that my eyes are healthy. And we both enjoy seeing my eye doctor! 

When a person gets an eye exam there are a couple of ways the doctor checks their eyes. One way is for the person to look at an eyer chart and read the letters so the doctor can access the acuity of their vision. And the other is to use special types of instruments or machines to check the health of the eyes. 

Well, as you know I wouldn’t be able to read the chart and tell the doctor what I could see. So instead she just uses some special instruments to look into my eyes. I have to hold very still so she can get a good look deep into my eyes. She always tells me that I’m doing awesome and my eyes look perfect!

I am staying very still so my doctor can get a good look at my eye!

I love seeing my eye doctor! She and her staff are so very kind to me and my mom. We are grateful to have a participating ophthalmologist nearby. The ACVO Service Dog eye exam is an event that we look forward to attending every year!

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