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Do you ever have times when you don’t feel very motivated? Or inspired with ideas for a paper you have due at school? I think it happens to almost everyone from time to time. At least it does for me! And did for Buffy, too!

My mom and I have been doing our training sessions. And I’ve been playing with my sister, Roo. But overall we have had a quiet week. Deciding on what to write for a post just wasn’t popping into my thoughts.

So I started asking my mom some questions. As a way to help me with getting to know her better. Along with possibly sparking an idea for a post.

I listened attentively so I wouldn’t miss anything my mom had to say!

As we were chatting we started talking about hobbies. She told me a few of the hobbies she has enjoyed over the years. Some of these include sewing, crafts, dog training, photography, and even writing a little bit of poetry.

I love her dog training hobby most of all because it involves me! And my mom says she needs to get back to doing the photography soon so she can get some photos of me working. And looking handsome, too!

In previous posts, Buffy has told you about some of these. And a few of the resulting projects from those hobbies. So I decided I could do the same with a hobby that Buffy hasn’t told you about yet. 

I thought you might enjoy hearing about some of the poetry. My mom wrote the poems many years ago. Before I was born. And most were done even before Buffy was born!  

Some of the poems my mom wrote were about service dogs. Also a few about therapy dogs. And some general dog ones, too. My mom read them to me and I chose a couple of them to share with you!

This first one my mom wrote when she had her first service dog, Savannah. She started each line with the letters … S E R V I C  E  D O G S … and wrote something meaningful for each letter.


Steadily working beside my chair.

Executing every command with care.

Reaching out to others in a special way.

Visiting so many during a day.

Instinctively helping to make me smile.

Challenges made so much lighter.

Each day your love shines brighter.


Doing your job with such willingness.

Often working with such quickness.

Going above and beyond to help in every way.

Special qualities you use to brighten my day.


This second one I chose was done in the same way but with using the letters … C A N I N E  C O M P A N I O N S  F O R   I N D E P E N D E N C E … which is the organization where Buffy and I came from. 

My mom wrote this one while she was on the waiting list before being invited to Team Training. It was a long wait but she says the wait was more than worth it. Do you know why? It was because the result was her partnership with Buffy!


Changing the lives of all that you touch.

Adding companionship and so much.

Navigating our world with your unique abilities.

Impressing so many with your special qualities.

Nurturing the needs of a daughter or son.

Enhancing independence for everyone.


Coming to me with your toys to play.

Offering to help me in every way.

Mastering each task with such quickness.

Performing your job with willingness.

Angel by my side; we make a great pair.

Numerous commands executed with care.

Independence given to my mobility.

Outstanding you are with your ability.

New situations are always taken in stride.

Standards are set high and done with pride.


Finding special meaning in all of our days.

Opening doors in more than one way.

Reaching for our dreams without delays.


Inspiring and motivating we are to our friends.

Now we have great purpose and goals to the end.

Diligently working by my chair with grace.

Easily overcoming the challenges we face.

Potential is fulfilled when the match is right.

Every day together our love shines so bright.

Nudging my hand with your sweet gentleness.

Deepening the bond through our togetherness.

Excited to go no matter how many miles.

Now we are included and greeted with smiles.

Changing attitudes so that we are equal.

Exceptional dogs for exceptional people.


My mom wrote one for a puppy raiser, too!

Maybe my mom will write one about me someday! Although she would need to brush up on her skills since it has been so many years since writing any poems. But I’m sure it would come back easily!

Do you have some hobbies that you enjoy? And are you pleased with the outcomes from your efforts? Hobbies can be fun. They can also help fill long days with meaningful successes. 

I hope you are keeping busy with both your schoolwork and fun projects or hobbies. Stay safe my friends!