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It has been just over six months since I retired. So I thought this would be a great time to give you an update. And let you know how I am doing with my retirement.

Have you missed hearing from me? I have missed writing blog posts for you. But I have been supervising and helping Clint with his writing. So staying connected with you from behind the scenes!  

I think Clint has done quite well. Even though he asks me lots of questions. And needs my help from time to time. Both with the blog and his service dog tasks!

Clint and I like sleeping together on the couch!

Okay… back to my retirement. For the most part, it has been nice to sit back and let Clint do all of the work. But some things have been kind of hard. Especially early on.

When my mom first came home with Clint, I was a little bit unsure. I knew I was retiring. And I knew there was going to be a new service dog to help my mom. But it didn’t feel quite right when it actually happened. 

I had been helping my mom for nearly eight years. And now I didn’t have to do anything. What was I going to do with all of my free time? And would I like the fact that I wasn’t the one helping my mom?

At first, my mom had me and Clint share some tasks. I got to do a few of my favorites. And supervised Clint on the others. But I soon realized that I could watch Clint do all of the work and still get treats! 

As Clint began to learn how best to help my mom, I started feeling more comfortable. I started to see that he was taking good care of my mom. So stepping back and watching was okay.

I love napping on the couch!

And besides, I was starting to become tired more quickly. And needed more naps. They say this is what happens as you get older. But I didn’t think it was going to happen to me!

The one thing that has probably been the hardest is when my mom and Clint go someplace. And I have to stay behind with my sister, Roo.

I know all of the subtle signs that my mom does just before she starts getting ready to leave. So at first, I was getting excited. And thinking I would be the one to go. 

But I soon realized Clint would be the one going. Since he was my mom’s new service dog, it was his job to do the public outings. Although, to me, it seemed like I could share this job, too!

As the months have passed we have established new routines. And I am content to stay home with Roo. I even think of staying with Roo as my new job. Since she sometimes needs supervising!

I think it took my mom some time to get used to going out with Clint. And leaving me behind. Change is hard for everyone… even my mom!

So, are you wondering what I’m doing with all of my free time? I take lots of naps. And I get treats for supervising Clint. I get special snuggle time with my mom. And I get to play outside with Clint and Roo. Best of all I can just relax and enjoy my lazy days!

As an afterthought, I am grateful that I was able to write this post for you. It is the one-hundredth post on my blog! That is quite an accomplishment if you ask me. Until fairly recently, when Clint started writing most of the posts, I had been doing all of them. Well, except for the occasional ones my mom wrote!