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I decided that I rather like this blog writing job. And being able to share interesting things with all of you! I thought it would be a good time to tell you about changes my mom had to make to my vest. Especially since she didn’t think this would still be necessary with mine.

Last year Buffy wrote a blog post about adjustments that needed to be made to her vest when she got a new one. If you missed that post go back and check out My new service dog vest . . . and needed adjustments!

Like our mom did for Buffy she also put the “Do Not Pet I’m Working” patch on my vest. This patch lets people know that petting me while I’m working is not allowed. Sewing it on the vest is fairly easy for my mom. Unlike some of the other changes that she makes to our vests! 

Along with adding the patch, my mom had to make some other adjustments to my vest. Or maybe this time the better word to use would be an adaption.

Do you know the difference between an adjustment and an adaption? They have similar meanings but when used in different contexts they can each offer a bit more clarification.

An adjustment is a small alteration that is made to achieve the desired result. Like making adjustments so something is more comfortable to wear. 

An adaptation is when a change is made to accommodate the needs of a person. Like modifying or changing something to make it easier to use.

Watching my mom just in case she needs my help!

So my mom made changes to my vest but not in the same way or for the same reasons as she did for Buffy. This adaptation was done for my mom. And not for me! 

When she made adjustments on Buffy’s vest she replaced the web straps, which are stiff, with elastic straps. This made it more comfortable for Buffy to wear! 

My vest is a larger size than Buffy wore. And has a much larger buckle. With my mom’s limited strength she was finding this buckle much too hard to use. So my mom got creative and replaced that traditional style plastic buckle with a magnetic buckle. Which is much easier for her to use!

DuringTeam Training there were a variety of lectures. One was about service dog equipment. For this one, the trainers showed different attachment options for vests and collars. The vests could either be the plastic buckle or velcro. My mom much prefers the look of the buckle but was at odds for what to do.

The plastic buckle took far more strength to use than my mom’s hands had the ability to do. But she didn’t really want the velcro. My trainer told my mom about a magnetic buckle. And gave her the info to order one. 

The black version of the magnetic buckle!

This sounded like a great option! My mom ordered one that night. So that it would possibly arrive before we got home. And you know what? It did! And is just as easy to use as my mom had hoped it would be.

The silver version of the magnetic buckle!

As you can see in the photos above the magnetic buckle comes in either black or silver. My mom ordered both because she couldn’t decide which one would look best on my vest. She used the black one!

Replacing that plastic buckle with the magnetic one took my mom a long time. And was harder to do than she expected. But definitely worth all of the effort and time! She just takes the pull tab and gives it an easy tug. This releases the magnet and the buckle easily comes apart.

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