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This past week my mom had the honor of doing an interview on the Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast. She tells about how she got in the wheelchair, her interest in competitive dog sports, training and competing from a wheelchair, and using a service dog. My favorite part was when she talked about my book and the blog! 

Have you ever had to do something that didn’t come easily for you? Like doing a presentation in front of your class or calling someone that you didn’t know. Doing things like these can sometimes feel really uncomfortable. But it can also feel like a great accomplishment if you push through and do something that is out of your comfort zone.

When my mom was asked to do the interview she knew she would be nervous but she agreed to do it. She thought that hearing her story might give someone else the motivation they might need to try something new with their dog. My mom felt it was important to put her fear of being interviewed behind her and share her story. The positive attitude my mom has and her outlook on life has always come fairly easily to her. But she knows this is not always true for others. 

Over the years my mom has faced a variety of different challenges and has adjusted to many imposed limitations. When facing each adversity her outlook has always been positive. She looks at is as just another “bump in the road” to climb over! She was hoping that if she shared her story it might help someone else find the courage they need to overcome their challenges. My mom finds so much joy in each day and is grateful for all the help I provide for her so that she can live each day to the fullest. She wanted others to see that there is so much more to life than any challenge someone may be facing. 

While Melissa was interviewing my mom I was laying right there beside her. I knew she was nervous. I wanted to be close by so that she knew I was there if she needed me. When she was all done she gave me a hug and told me it was awesome! She said it was good to have finished the interview. And she was also very happy to have had the opportunity to share her story. 

You can listen to my mom’s interview right here on the blog. Just click below on that arrow to the left.


If you would rather read the transcript of the interview you can click HERE.