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Hey friends, how are you doing? Summer is here! For many, this brings the excitement of vacations and lazy days! Along with the celebration of independence on the 4th of July. 

Many people gather with friends and family for the 4th of July. They might do things like cookouts, play games, attend parades, and view fireworks. For us, we usually just have a quiet day at home with close family. This is because my dad has to be here to care for the animals boarding at our kennel while their families are traveling. 

Happy Independence Day!

With my job of being a service dog, I give independence to my mom every day. The tasks I do each day make it possible for my mom to live life to the fullest.  I give her a level of independence she wouldn’t have otherwise. So for us, every day is Independence Day!

Also, in July we celebrate the birthday of my brother, Eric. He holds a special place in my heart because he brought my mom to Team Training, which made it possible for me to be partnered with my mom as her service dog. So having a day to celebrate Eric is extra special for me!

Tetra wishes you a Happy 4th of July!

I usually reflect on the previous month when I do my monthly updates but I decided to share a bit about the start of this month, too. Since the 4th is happening this week and Eric’s Birthday is the day I publish my post, it felt right to touch upon these.

Other than some follow-up appointments to continue evaluating my mom’s leg, this past month has been relatively quiet for my mom appointment-wise. It was finally determined that she had fractured her femur. But fortunately, she won’t need surgery because she is non-ambulatory, which means she doesn’t walk. She is starting to feel better so I am happy! 

A fun reflection of me while we were in the exam room seeing my mom’s doctor!

Of course, we did our usual lunches out with family and friends! A couple of times we also went shopping at my mom’s favorite place… the bookstore! I enjoy bookstores, too, because I take mini naps while my mom looks at the books. Doesn’t napping in a bookstore sound like a good idea?

We are enjoying our summer, so far! The weather has been lovely which is nice. Especially since this past winter/spring was challenging with a few significant storms that caused some inconveniences and property damage. My sisters… Roo, Tetra, and Buffy… and I have had fun running and playing in the big yard!

Tetra loves snuggling close to me!

Friends, I hope you are enjoying your summer! Our summers here in Maine are relatively short compared to the long winters. Because of this, we try to cherish the warm sunny days! I hope you can do the same.