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My post this week is going to be short because we are without internet access. I could have just skipped this week, but I didn’t want to get out of my weekly posting routine. And I thought it was important that I let you know what was going on. I certainly would not want you worrying that something had happened to me!

Since last Friday my mom and dad have been without access to the internet. A technician came on Saturday. He fixed some things and did some testing. But the problems he found were beyond his area of expertise. Sometime during the next few days, another technician will come to work on getting the issues resolved. Until then . . . we wait!

I have learned some lessons from this recent technological problem! I told my mom that I need to get a blog post all prepared and ready to go. But just leave it as a draft in the background of my blog. That way I will always have a post ready. Just in case we encounter this type of problem again.

Have you ever had something go differently than you had planned? Or a problem pop up that made you have to change what you originally were going to do? It is a good idea to have a backup plan!

My mom tells me that there will always be “bumps in the road” to navigate or climb over. She says that it is how we face these challenges that are most important. Do you find it easy to adjust when facing new changes or challenges?  I think my mom is good at facing adversity. And does a great job with readjusting so she can get things done. 

You might be wondering how my mom is able to get this post done without access to the internet. My mom has limited access when using her phone. But very limited since she has to be careful not to use too much data. So she has done this post for me on her phone.

Hopefully, she hasn’t made too many mistakes with getting my post onto the blog this week. Using the little screen of her phone can be challenging at times but made easier with the accessibility features that are part of an iPhone. She is very grateful for these features. Otherwise using the phone would be even more challenging and mostly not usable to her. 

I’m sorry that you didn’t get the original post that I had started for this week. If all goes well you will get it next week.