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Being patient is an important part of my job! Both at home and away. I always have to be ready to do tasks and help my mom. But I also have to rest quietly while she has appointments or procedures.

And when she is busy doing paperwork or studying at home. I also have to be patient when we go to a restaurant. And even when going for car rides. Because sometimes they are very long!

Resting near my mom at home!

Along with being patient and waiting quietly, I need to be tucked in out of the way. And not be disruptive in any way. My mom says, when I’m doing this, I’m being invisible.

I think that sounds kind of funny! Since we do know that I can’t be invisible! But if I am being quiet and laying out of the way. And not seeking attention from others, then I’m not being seen. Thus invisible!

Do you find it hard to wait for a family member or friend while they are at a scheduled appointment? Or busy doing something without you? I used to be restless while waiting for my mom. 

This was because I thought I should be actively helping her. All of the time! Or doing some training sessions. So resting and not working just didn’t seem right.

But, over time, I have realized that waiting patiently and being calm is part of my job, too. I have gotten used to my mom’s routines. And can relax while waiting. Because I know that I will have plenty of opportunities to help her. 

And she will be sure to do my training sessions with me. Especially since I remind her often that we should practice my skills. And learn new things!

Sometimes I roll on my back while I’m waiting!

So when we venture out, I don’t always know what we will be doing. Or how long we will be gone. But sometimes, some clues give me an idea of what might be happening.

When my mom has a longer appointment, like a procedure or infusion, she brings a special blanket for me to lay on. When I see her packing this, I know it will be a time for me to rest… and take a nap!

My mom’s regular appointments usually don’t last all that long. Certainly not long enough for me to have my blanket and take a nap! So, for these times I just lay on the floor next to her chair. Or, once in a while, I lay away from her chair. This is so I’m not in her doctor’s way when he is doing his exam.

During my mom’s recent appointment with her eye doctor!

My mom has a fairly long appointment where she gets an infusion of medication every five weeks. The first few times we went for these appointments, I was a little bit restless. It was a long time to wait. 

And I wanted to be working instead of sleeping! But my mom listened to me. You know she is good at listening! And helped me balance the waiting with wanting to work.

Every half hour or so she let me stand up and stretch. Then she would have me do a few things. Like tricks and position changes. And sometimes, she even dropped items for me to retrieve for her!

As I have matured a bit more. And settled into my mom’s routines. I can sleep during these longer appointments.

Sleeping on my blanket close to my mom’s chair!

But, for me, the best part is when we leave. Because I get to do some work. I push a couple of automatic door buttons on our way out. Which everyone loves to see me do. Although, I’m not sure why they get so excited. Because all I’m doing is my job! 

My very favorite things to do are helping my mom and doing fun training games. I love practicing my skills. And learning new things. But I am getting better with resting and laying quietly when needed. 

My mom tells me I should just look at it as a training session. One where I have to practice patience. Which is a good thought. But I don’t want to practice that part too often