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Have you ever watched a dog drink and wondered how they get the water up into their mouth? My mom told me that I drink water in a different way than humans do. So, just in case you were wondering, I thought it would be fun to tell you all about the way I drink water!

I don’t have the same type of cheeks as you do so I can’t form a suction to pull the water into my mouth. But instead, I have to pull the water up with my tongue and into my mouth. I do this by curling my tongue backward and forming a ladle of sorts to scoop the water. 

My tongue getting ready to scoop up the water!

I have to build up some momentum to get enough force for scooping up the water. And then as the column of water comes up I grab it to get it into my mouth. I quickly close my mouth and swallow before starting the process all over again.

I am a very neat drinker meaning I don’t splash water all over the floor. But some dogs are sloppy and water goes everywhere when they drink. And even sometimes they have long streams of water dripping down from their mouth as they leave the water bowl. That sounds messy, doesn’t it?

My water consumption is relatively low compared to some dogs. Or maybe it seems that way because I choose to drink only once or sometimes twice a day. Unlike my sisters, Roo and Kippy, who take lots of drinks throughout the day!

When my mom and I are getting ready to go for an appointment or to do some errands she always asks me if I want a drink. I most often have some water before we leave but occasionally I’m just not thirsty.

My mom has a small collapsible bowl attached to the backpack on her chair. This is just in case I need a drink while we are out. But I am not fond of drinking when I am away from home.

In the summertime when the days are hotter she carries a water bottle with us. This way it is easily available since I do drink a little more often when it is hot and especially if it is humid. But usually, I just wait until we get home. 

My mom made a short video that shows me drinking water!

Sometimes when we are going to be gone most of the day my mom brings something special along for me. Since she knows I am reluctant to drink when we are away from home she wants to be sure I will drink if I am showing signs of needing water but hesitating to drink.

Can you guess what special thing she brings for me to drink? It is coconut water! Which I find very yummy tasting and will most always drink some when we are away from home. Do you like coconut water? My mom doesn’t but I sure do!

Sometimes my mom also makes ice cubes with the coconut water and brings those along. She even makes them in a Mickey Mouse ice cube tray! This is my very favorite way to get the fluids I need when we are away from home! 

The cute little Mickey Mouse ice cubes my mom makes for me!

When the coconut water freezes it doesn’t get completely solid so it isn’t too hard for me to chew. She mostly has just made the ice cubes to bring along when we go to dog shows. But has also made them a few other times for me. If you ask me I would have coconut ice cubes every day!