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As we approach the end of 2021 I thought it might be nice to reflect over the year. And share some highlights. 

As a whole, this year has been all about me and my mom building our bond. And learning more about what we need from each other. Our relationship has strengthened. And we are moving toward dancing as one.

I have become more accomplished in my work. And have a solid understanding of the best ways I can help my mom. My response when doing tasks is effortless. Which, at times, still leaves my mom in awe!

I have learned various new tasks. And perfected a few that were more involved. Ones that seemed complicated at first. But are now done with ease.

There were a few changes with easing the restrictions of Covid-19. Which was nice because we got to do a little bit more with friends and family. And get out in public more than we did last year during the first few months of our partnership.

Although at this time the restrictions are tightening back up. So again there might be more stay-at-home days. But my mom and I will stay busy with our training. And learning new things.

Roo trying to take my new toy!

We have continued our online training classes with Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. And have taken a variety of classes. Along with some webinars that have been offered. Which always gives us plenty to work on during our daily training sessions. 

In case you forgot, my mom and I love training. And learning new things! We are building a solid foundation that will take us far once we begin competing. With the bonus of strengthening my service dog work.

Last spring we went on our first vacation together to Walt Disney World. I celebrated my third birthday while there. And got to meet a few new friends. Including Buffy’s puppy raisers. Which was extra special!

We earned our first competition titles. In the summer our Fenzi TEAM 1 Obedience title. And in the fall, four of our AKC Trick Dog titles.  We completed the Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Performer levels.

And to end the year, we are doing an in-person dog training class. My mom was so excited and grateful that we had this opportunity. And has loved every minute of the class! 

My mom and I at our class!

At the beginning of a new year, some people make resolutions. A chance to start the year fresh. Maybe with the desire to change undesirable behavior. Or set some attainable goals.

My mom likes to set goals for things she wants to work towards. Or accomplish throughout the year. Usually, things related to her dog training!

Over the years, my mom has found that she is much more successful with long-term goals. As long as she breaks them into smaller pieces, they later come together as the final goal.

So you may be wondering what she hopes to accomplish this year. I’m sure it won’t surprise you that her goals are all about me!

My mom’s prism puts pretty rainbows on me!

My mom loves rainbows… and me!

I am working on a couple of new tasks. They are different and fun. Ones that I’m looking forward to sharing with you!

We have been working on all of the pieces for the next level of TEAM Obedience. And are just about ready to submit our video for TEAM 2. My mom keeps getting sidetracked by other training. But her goal is to get this done soon. Since we are so close!

In AKC there is an Elite Performer Trick Dog title that we are working toward. It requires a skit or story to be performed in front of an audience. But with Covid, it can be done with a video now. Which is easier for us.

My mom has a story put together. And I am learning the necessary tricks. So we are off to a good start. But we still have a ways to go before we can execute the story smoothly.

The other goal my mom has set is for us to be ready to start our AKC obedience career. Maybe in the spring. But probably more realistically in the fall.

So as you can see, we had a great year filled with special time together and fun accomplishments. We have much to look forward to in the new year. And great goals to work toward as we continue to grow as a team.