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Over the past year, I have told you about some of the many ways I “tug” to open things for my mom. Like tugging open the drawers, cupboard doors, dishwasher, and refrigerator. And occasionally tugging something closed like the front door and gate when we leave home. 

If you missed the posts for the listed tasks above you can go back and read about those ways that I “tug” in Kitchen tasks!, Doing dishes!, A new refrigerator and learning new ways!, and Leaving home!.

For the things I mentioned above they all have one thing in common. Do you know what that is? If you said they have an attached rope for me to grab and pull you would be correct! And when I do these tasks the “tug” opens, or on occasion closes, something for my mom. 

But sometimes I tug in another way to help my mom. Something I “tug” that doesn’t have one of my ropes attached for me to grab. Can you guess?

I help my mom with getting her shirt, jacket, or sweatshirt off by grabbing ahold of her sleeve and pulling on it. I pull until it is far enough over her hand so she can more easily get her arm pulled back to get the sleeve off. 

Helping my mom with taking her shirt off.

First I do her left arm because, as I‘ve told you before, she has more function or use of that arm. Then I help her with the right side. Once her arms are out she sometimes just leaves it draped around her shoulders. Or if needed I help her by pulling it the rest of the way off so I can give it to her.

In the winter I help my mom take something else off. Do you know what that might be? They help keep my mom’s hands warm. Yes, that’s right! Mittens! It is fun to tug her mittens. They pop off easily and then I can quickly step up on my mom’s foot pedal and give them to her!  

Some service dogs help their partners with getting other types of clothing off. Like socks or pants. But my mom has to wear a special kind of sock that doesn’t come off easily. And she always wears dresses. So I don’t need to help her with either of these.

As has been the way for the past couple of months we continue to mostly stay at home. Is it still the same for you and your family? 

Here in Maine, a few of the COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to be eased up a bit. But we haven’t felt the need to venture out beyond the few things we have already been doing.

Having fun with my mom while using a pivot bucket and platform during training!

Even though our weeks continue to be quiet in regards to mostly being at home we are keeping busy. My mom and I are keeping up with my daily grooming routine, the practicing of my service dog skills, and the extracurricular training activities. 

This past weekend my mom attended The Lemonade Conference that I had told you about in my Disappointing changes to our plans! post. She loved the presentations and the opportunity to attend. And do you know what? They are going to hold it again next year! Which my mom thinks is very exciting!

We’ve started trying out some of the things she learned at the conference. And I’m sure it isn’t a big surprise to you that I am loving the extra training! So many fun things to be doing and learning! 

And as we approach the end of the month we are looking forward to our new online classes at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. They begin today, June 1st, if you are reading this on the day I posted it!