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Hello friends!

My name is Buffy and I have a very special job. I am a service dog which means I have been specially trained to do tasks that help my mom, Brenda, be more independent. She has a disability that limits her ability to do many everyday things. She can do so much more than she ever thought possible because I can assist her with the things she has difficulty doing on her own.

I wanted to start a real blog to go along with my book so I could tell you more about the special things I do to help my mom. You will get to read about how I help her and see how much I love my job. I will share with you some of the ordinary things we do each day. But I will also tell you about the fun adventures we have together. I will tell you stories, share videos, and show you some awesome photos that my mom has taken of me.

If you go to the About page you can learn a little bit more about me, my mom, and our special friend Denise. Over the coming months, you will get to know all of us much better. You will get to see the ways that we are unique and special just like each of you.

I love to help people learn and understand about my job and my mom’s disability. You can ask me questions and I will answer them in future blog posts. Furthermore, you can invite your friends to read my blog. Because, like you, they might enjoy following along with my adventures. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can know when I’ve added new posts!