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What is the weather like where you live? There have been some unusual weather events that have happened in different parts of the country. I hope you have been warm and safe. 

Here in Maine, it has been cold and snowy. But that is the normal type of weather for this time of the year. Usually quite cold and often snowy! And sometimes blustery!

Although this year it has been a bit colder than some years. And not as much snow as we often get. But there has been plenty for me and my sisters, Buffy and Roo, to play in and have fun!

Do you live in an area where you get snow? And cold weather? Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live where it is sunnier and warmer all year long.  

The sun and warmth are nice. And I think my mom and dad would enjoy fewer extremes in their weather.  But the snow is really fun to play in and run through. Unless it is very cold and below freezing outside!

I love racing through the snow with my sisters. And pouncing on whatever toy my dad lets us bring outside. It is most often a ball. A big ball so that it doesn’t get lost in the snow!

My favorite ball from my puppy raiser!

Finding games for me and my sisters to play in the snow is fun. But going out in the cold and snow isn’t always as joyful. My feet get cold quickly! And I don’t want to move. My mom always monitors my playtime outside so I don’t get too cold.

But sometimes my mom and I do have to go out on cold days. And even days when it is snowing. Or just after storms. 

Since she can’t change her appointments due to a little inconvenience with the weather, we have to be prepared to go no matter what. Although some days she wishes we could just stay home!

There are lots of snowflakes on me but they are hard to see on my yellow fur!

A sprinkling of snow on Roo!

It is easiest to see the snowflakes on Buffy’s black fur!

Just recently we had to go for my mom’s scheduled appointment right in the middle of a big snowstorm. An appointment that couldn’t be changed. And you know what happened? My mom’s wheelchair almost got stuck! 

Because we sometimes have to go out. And can’t always choose what the weather is like. My mom needs to make sure I am comfortable and safe.

When we have winter storms the plow trucks do an amazing job of clearing our roads. And the hospital, professional buildings like those where doctors are located, and places of business also do an amazing job of getting their parking lots and walkways cleared.

But using a special salt product is part of getting these areas cleared. This product often includes chemicals that help with melting the ice and keeping it from reforming. And some even have big chunks of salt that are hard for me to step on.

During and just after storms the layers of salt are the heaviest. And can potentially cause discomfort to my paws. So my mom has a couple of options for protecting my paws.

She can use either a wax-type product known as Musher’s Secret or boots. That’s right… I can wear boots just like you do! Have you seen a dog wear boots before? Maybe you remember Buffy telling you about Musher’s Secret and dog boots in her post Protecting my paws! 

My mom thinks we should open a shoe store for dogs!

My paws are bigger than Buffy’s paws so some of her boots are a bit snug on me. But there are a couple of pairs that fit me just fine. So I have been switching between these two pairs while I decide which ones I prefer.

Do you have some shoes or boots that are more comfortable than others? My mom has some that are very comfy that she wears most often. And Buffy had her favorites, too. But I haven’t quite decided on my favorite ones!

The other way my mom can help protect my paws is using a product called Musher’s Secret. This was originally developed for sled dogs to use during the winter. But over the years it has become a year-round option for protecting a variety of dog’s paws. Not just sled dogs!

Before we leave home my mom rubs the Musher’s Secret on the pads of my paws. She kind of massages my paws as she is applying the wax. Which feels good. But it sometimes tickles, too! And just in case I need it reapplied while we are out, my mom always has a container of Musher’s Secret with us.

For me, the Musher’s Secret works well to protect my paws from the salt. But not so much when it is bitterly cold. So on these extra cold days, my mom has me wear the boots. 

So, whether I wear boots or have the Musher’s Secret on my paws, I am safe and ready for any type of weather we encounter!