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I love playing in the snow with my sisters, Buffy and Roo. Especially just after a storm. Because when the conditions are just right, the snow is light and fluffy!

Yesterday it was snowing all day long. My mom said we were getting a blizzard. Which I can believe since it was so snowy, cold, and very windy. I thought we were going to blow away!

Throughout the day, every time we went out to potty, we would run and play in the snow. But we were only in our small pen. So there wasn’t much room. And toward evening the snow was getting quite deep.

When we woke up today we were excited. And looking forward to going out in the big yard to play. Fresh snow that was light and fluffy. We were ready to run and play!

Roo is waiting for us to catch up to her!

Our dad asked if we wanted to go running. Which means we get to go in the big yard. We were jumping up and down. Of course, we were ready!

But much to our surprise, the snow was deep. It was way deeper than we expected. Which ended up being hard to run through. And not very much fun.

We ran and played for a few minutes. But not for long. Not nearly as long as we wanted. Because we quickly got tired.  

The snow was deep!

We got 18” of snow. But with the wind, there were places where the snow drifted into big piles. Some were even taller than me!

My mom told me that those kinds of conditions are not safe for me or my sisters. During the blizzard, it is dangerous for us to be outside too long. With it being so cold it could hurt our paws. And we could get chilled from the bitterly cold temps.

After a storm that produces so much snow, I need to be careful that I don’t injure myself while trying to run through it. Because if that were to happen, I would have to take time off from my job. And then I wouldn’t be able to help my mom.

Bounding through the snow!

So winter can be a fun time for us to run and play. But there are also times when we get too much snow. And it becomes unsafe for us to be out there for very long.

I wanted my mom to get a video of me and my sisters playing in the snow but we didn’t play much. So she didn’t get any video. Instead, she got a few poor-quality photos. But I told her to go ahead and still share them. Maybe she can get a video and better photos next time.