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Overview + How to Login

This video includes a basic overview of the website and how you can login.

Your login credentials have been provided to you via email.

To login, you will want to go to

You may want to bookmark that page.

Adding new Blog Posts

To create a new blog post first you’ll need to log into your website; then, on the backend you can choose to navigate to “New” at the top of the page and choose “New Post” or navigate to “Posts” in the menu on the left and choose “Add New.”

Once you’ve created a new post you will want to add a headline, add the content of your post, add an excerpt, choose an author (you or Buffy), click the category, and set the featured image. 

Then you can publish the post immediately or schedule it to publish at a future date and time.


Sizing your Featured Images

Image sizes are important to your website — if an image is not the right size it may display oddly on the site; if it is too large it may also take a long time to load.

To resize your image, I recommend using a free tool called Pablo. You can find this tool at:

Upload your “original” image file, turn off the text on the image, then download the resized image and it should be good to go!

Backing Up & Updating 

This video shows you how you can backup and update your website.

I recommend doing this at least once a month to prevent vulnerabilities and reduce the chances of the site being hacked. 

If you run into trouble please contact me via email at

Adding Videos to Posts

This video shows you how you can share videos that are uploaded to youtube in your blog posts.

Videos will automatically be embedded in your post if you use the youtube “Share” link. In the video, I cover how to find the link, and how to add it to your post.